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You know your gyno is frustrated when …

.. You write “want to discuss BC” on your forms for your gyne annual, and when she comes in she’s wincing and saying “Do we *REALLY* have to talk about your birth control? Nothing has worked for you!”

Lucky for her I just wanted to remind her of the new birth controls I now receive for free (thanks, healthcare overhaul). Also lucky for her, I didn’t kick her in the ovary.

To be fair, she’s been my doc for years, and we have literally tried every. single. thing. Every pill, shot, insertion has been exhausted either before I got there or under her care, except for pregnancy (a fallacy!) or hysterectomy. It’s monumentally frustrating that not one thing has given me the promised relief of alleviating my period entirely, which I made very clear to her at this visit.

But it’s also very frustrating and insulting to be actively told you’re “that patient.”  That difficult one. It ain’t so easy on this side of the stirrups either, sweetheart.

Just a flamingly ignorant comment from an otherwise very supportive physician.



The Red Menace & the Baby Bait-n-Switch

The Red Menace is coming for you!

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re minding your business, trying to enjoy life mid-cycle, when weird symptoms hit.

You’re nauseated.
Your breasts hurt.
You have pelvic aches and pulls.

It starts lightly at first, and you think, “OK, my body waited ’til my mid-20s to participate in PMS, but here it is.”

It goes on for a few days.

Then you’re sick in the morning. And it goes on for more days. And a few more.

Then it’s two weeks of nausea, headaches, pain, peeing constantly … but no cycle. And suddenly those little barbs to the boyfriend about “maybe I’m pregnant” just aren’t funny any more. Because god damn, what if you are pregnant?

You go back and forth about how to respond. “This has happened before,” you say. “YOU ARE KNOCKED UP” your body says. “My cycle is irregular anyway, I shouldn’t worry about being a few days off my expected Day 1,” you say. “HELLO, YOU’RE PREGGO!” says the soreness. And so on.


After two weeks or so of late cycle, pain and sickness, you’re convinced that you are pregnant. Surely you must be. But you’re not. Right? You’ve charted everything. It’s physically impossible. But it could be possible. Right? Or not?


So you finally take a pregnancy test. You count the seconds out loud, and watch your phone’s clock anxiously. Thirty seconds turns into three minutes turns into eternity.

And guess who’s pregnant? Continue reading