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Happy Endo March all around the world!

Wishing everybody marching for endometriosis awareness a happy, productive, and pain-free weekend! I love seeing the photos from all around the world as I’m perched on my spot on the couch, heating pad on high and little dog laying bored next to me. Keep ’em coming — wish I was with you! (All of you — I attended the original Washington, D.C., march, and who wouldn’t want to march in Scotland or France or South Africa or Canada!)

We’d love to see your favorite photos from your local endo march. Post them to the new official Endo Sucks! Facebook page, and you could see them featured on the Endo Sucks! social media! Be sure to include where you’re from and who you’re marching for.



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A staff meeting of bizarre levels, or The squeaky wheel gets the cold hard cash


We just had a meeting with some of the upper brass about our revenue and numbers, which aren’t terrible. There was the usual spread of cookies, cupcakes and rugelach from Publix, and the added thrill of everyone receiving a blue ticket for a cash raffle after the meeting. When a reporter took the necessary step of asking if we’d ever see raises again, our President of Something Important began a long explanation which, after about seven words, you already know is too many to be a “yes.” So that hope is dashed for another quarter.


The raffle. Oh, that raffle. I have terrible luck with these things so I didn’t expect a prize. What I could not have expected is not only would the newsroom clean up — a coworker that left and came back as a part-timer won for the second time (the first was in December), a sports desker and a new reporter and wire chief took home some serious cash money (between $200 and $500 each) — but my raffle number was 620. Phil, sitting on my right, was 619 and won $100. Robert, sitting on my left, had a completely odd number series and won $100. The woman two rows ahead of us was 621 and she won $200. Even when they drew a few cash cards based on random employee ID numbers, I did not win. I was a little steamed as we walked out, having literally been surrounded by cash winners while we’re on deadline. So as we’re walking out, The President of Something Newsy — who was also the day’s gift-giver — was shaking hands and thanking people for coming. I shook his hand, and before I knew it, I was telling him “I had some bullshit luck today, and here is why.” (Yes, I used those words.) And I pointed out Phil, Scott, Andrew, Robert, the lady with No. 621. I was just expecting to get a laugh. Instead, this member of the Upper Brass pulled cash out of his pocket and tried to hand me a $20 bill as a consolation prize. I threw my hands up, being surprised and scared to take money from him. Ultimately he talked me into it, agreeing that I’d had some seriously crap luck today and I’d earned it. And I walked out of there with $20 that I feel weird about but now can’t return.

Now I’m working on a locator map for a new Greyhound station that will be my second graphic in print for this newspaper this weekend. Not bad, considering I only started official graphics training on Tuesday. However, I’ve been walking stiffly and hunched over the last few hours, my heating pad scalding the crap out of me, as I start on day one of a brand new birth control that I’ve been reminding my gyno about for over a week (and going without in the meantime). At least it was free. Thanks, Obama! Please find a way to make my uterus behave.

So what did you do at work today?

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Greetings from migraineland

Hi everyone! It’s been very exciting to see the blog numbers go up recently. Thank you all for being here!

We’ve had a new work schedule implemented at my “day job” and while I’ve started several posts

and saved them as drafts, things have been so wacky on the desk that I’ve been unable to complete them. I would have turned to them after hours but Phil had terrible food poisoning so I spent a few nights at his place trying to keep him from dying (very dramatic). I left work early tonight but alas, it is because of a migraine — pouring rain today destroyed my brain, and the menses mind doesn’t help either. I figure once you’ve got sunglasses on at night in the office and it feels like tiny Uma Thurman is recreating “Showdown at House of Blue Leaves” in your head and the back of your eyes are getting stabbed, it’s probably best to call it a night.

If you know what comes next, you know how crappy I feel. Shit gets real, son. (GIF found via Google, creative commons)

But rest assured there are several posts coming your way. Among the topics: the very-long-awaited Mirena IUD follow-up, different endo realities, seeing a new doctor, baby dreams, and — spoiler alert! — poop.

See you real soon. Follow the blog to get notifications as the new posts go up!

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Updated: Another way to show your supportive yellow!

I’ve just started using PicBadge to try and not only mark/protect my photographs, but also to easily tag photos for Endometriosis Awareness Month. I think this will be a great visual effort and reminder for people adding this to Facebook and elsewhere, and will hopefully continue to bring attention to and questions about endometriosis as a result.

I updated my 2012 endo portrait with the ribbon, and here is the result. You can position the ribbon anywhere on the photo you like. Let me know if you guys have issues with adding the ribbon and I’ll do my best to fix it!

Here’s the link for the Endo Sucks! PicBadge page. Go forth and add ribbons! :: http://www.picbadges.com/endo-sucks/3085495/#


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I put Endo Sucks! in a D.C. landmark.

At Ben’s Chili Bowl, the bathrooms have chalkboard on the walls and chalk at the ready.

So of course I made sure I left a mark that wasn’t my name & the date.


Hopefully even one person will see it and check us out!

What are you guys doing for Endo Month?



I think this about sums up endometriosis.

It pretty well sums up my day as well. You might as well be useful to me if you’re just going to be sitting there, pills.

But I need help picking which one of these is your favorite! So far the favorite seems to be No. 2, but I’m taking all input, y’all.