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Taking Endo Sucks! around the world

One of the coolest features about WordPress is the stats page, where it tells you how many view you’ve had, what the most popular postings are, etc., but the best one ever has recently been added: A map that shows you where in the world your readers are. And not in a creepy Google-Earth-caught-me-mowing-my-yard-on-street-view way. It’s a holy-hell-i’m-really-reaching-people way.

Some of the countries that have shown up on my map for the last seven days, besides the U.S.:
* United Kingdom
* Canada
* Puerto Rico
* Malta
* South Africa
* Japan
* Brazil
* Saudi Arabia
* Sweden
* Barbados
* Colombia

Are you kidding me? People in Malta and Barbados stumbled on my blog? How freaking great is that!

If you are here and want to rep your country (including you, my fellow Americans), by all means leave a comment and tell me how you got here. Even if you don’t follow this blog (and you should totally subscribe and follow me). Even if you got here on accident. I am so glad to have you here. Yes, YOU. Please visit again and let me know about you. Because I want MORE. I want lots of people reading in dozens of countries, and I want you to tell me how to get there.

Side note: This also lets me know who *isn’t* reading the blog, and since I have a considerable number of friends scattered around the world — Germany, India, New Zealand, Bermuda, the Bahamas, etc. — this means I know you’re not dropping by the blog. FOR SHAME. Technology being used for both information and punishment; you gotta love it!