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Happy Endo March all around the world!

Wishing everybody marching for endometriosis awareness a happy, productive, and pain-free weekend! I love seeing the photos from all around the world as I’m perched on my spot on the couch, heating pad on high and little dog laying bored next to me. Keep ’em coming — wish I was with you! (All of you — I attended the original Washington, D.C., march, and who wouldn’t want to march in Scotland or France or South Africa or Canada!)

We’d love to see your favorite photos from your local endo march. Post them to the new official Endo Sucks! Facebook page, and you could see them featured on the Endo Sucks! social media! Be sure to include where you’re from and who you’re marching for.



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It’s Facebook official.

Took us long enough, right?

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I’m back, I’m mad, and I’m not going to take it any more. Neither should you.

Just had a fun morning fighting Walgreens while trying to pick up my meds … Can anybody tell me when TYLENOL (acetaminophen) became a national health crisis? It’s in both my pain meds and now that’s a red flag. And OF COURSE they would call my soon-to-be-ex primary doc on a routine refill now that she has a problem with me. They’re trying to tell me I have to pick between which med to take. Is “fuck you” an option? Because that’s what I choose.

I had to request to talk to a second pharmacist without an attitude to get anything done, and then I got told “this is the last time we will fill this.” The first pharmacist actually told me to try at another location — that’s called pharmacy shopping and that’ll get you on a black list fast.

Here is the sign at Walgreens now. And folks were arguing with me last week that “pain patients are getting their pain managed” (says a non-pain patient). Call and write the FDA and tell them what you think! Measures put in place to discourage/prevent narcotic abuse isn’t solving the problem: it’s hurting pain patients.



A good point was raised that too much acetaminophen can have terrible effects on the body, and it’s true — it’s not a fun way to die. But it’s not like I don’t know that. Every time I open a bottle of pills and that chemical cloud punches me in the face, I have fear in my heart — what is in this stuff? What is it doing to my body?

But you know who doesn’t get to decide they’re not going to fill my meds without evidence of any abuse? Pharmacies. They are NOT. MY. DOCTOR. and not the ones having to manage THREE chronic pain issues. Every few months they have the cramps about something different: the bultalbital, we don’t want you taking pain meds, etc. … now it’s Tylenol? Fuck them; they are incorrect to pressure people to “pick one to fill” as I was told today (it’s not that easy and they are for different issues) and encourage patients to pharmacy shop. And now I no longer have a PCP. My primary care called out of the blue and said they no longer want to write my pains meds. Once I’m out of these, I am OUT. My gyno won’t write pain meds; my former neuro and current neurosurgeon won’t write pain meds. So good luck to me finding both a new PCP AND a new neuro to see me this month.

While I do have the option to ask for my codeine med to be written with aspirin and not Tylenol, not everybody has this option with their meds. I do not think that pain patients who take their meds responsibly, as directed, not ODing, and absolutely need it in order to have any ability to get through the day should be suffering under laws, especially those made in Florida, meant to end pill mills/abuses but end up hurting valid pain patients instead.

A friend of mine in TV news will be pitching this story to her editor tonight. I certainly hope you’ll be seeing me on the news in the near future.


Taken from Endo Sucks! on Facebook