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Endo Sucks, Day 12: The best endometriosis video I’ve ever seen

Seriously, this is the best video breaking down what endometriosis is about that I have seen to date. It is perfect for sharing as an introduction to endo or as a refresher.

Click the image to see the video.

Produced by Endometriosis.org, it is currently being featured on the the website of Bradley Method instructor Kim Stanley in Tallahassee, Florida. A doula friend of mine, Erinn Streeter, works with her on her website and they have had this video on their welcome page for the month of March to honor endometriosis. I think that often, endometriosis survivors are so beaten down by the medical system even as we try to work with and fight within it, that they enter childbirth the same way: hands open and begrudgingly accepting whatever the doctors provide, without question. This is probably true for most Western moms-to-be — far too many, in fact. It has produced an C-section epidemic and shot maternal mortality rates so high because we are taught to live life in fear and pain and to ask no questions.

But we have options in our healthcare — and if you take one great thing from endometriosis, PCOS or adenomyosis, let it be the advocacy you are practicing for your healthcare. YOU are the best thing that can happen to you! Nobody else can advocate for you or educate you if you do not take a personal investment in knowing how strong you really are. I was worried a few years ago that doula training might mess with my emotions, but instead it rocked my world and opened me up in awesome ways. I am never more proud than when I am welcomed by a couple into the most powerful journey of their lives, no matter how their birth unfolds. At least they went in educated, open, and knowing not only that they are made of power but that they have a world of loving support around them.