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The importance of medication planning

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Originally posted on Instagram.

The importance of #medication planning cannot be overstressed.
My mom used to urge me to write down when I took meds, but it used to be that I didn’t need them so often, so it was easier to write down or even just remember if I took such-n-such today.
But when you are trying new programs, or have more than one #medicine to take, the routine itself can lead to confusion. What did you just take — an aspirin or an oxycodone? 
I resisted the pill planner for a long time. Looking at everything together is overwhelming. It’s a visual guide to being “a sick person.” I GET IT. The very act of parsing out meds, particularly as a young person, can make you feel sad or ashamed. For me, it also reminds me of being a tween and first being hit with an #immunedeficiency that — without a serious routine that included 30 pills a day, not including emergency meds — would have suffocated and killed me. (Idiopathic anaphylaxis, y’all!)
That may be in remission, but the need to stay on track with my #healthcare hasn’t stopped. It’s important to know what you’ve taken, how much, when. Then you can go back to your doctor and say “hey, I did great on this plan” or “this isn’t enough.” Brain fog from #pain or prescription isn’t doing anybody favors, either.
If nothing else, with the increasing limitation of access to controlled meds even for #chronicpain patients, making sure you are not taking “more meds” and being left in a lurch between refills is now critical self care. 
I may invest in a more detailed container later. ‘Til then, thanks for the free one, pharmacy! 
Take good care of yourself! #happyfriday 🙌
NOTE: That #doterra Deep Blue really does help when you take it regularly, and I’m doing well so far on #Lyrica, so here’s to hope! 💊
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FYI: I admit it: I’m addicted to Instant Social Media. 😥 I find myself “blogging” a lot on the Endo Sucks! Instagram page (and not checking email often), linked above. I promise to start cross-posting a lot more here, but if you (like me!) just can’t wait, please join me on Instagram, Twitter and in our Facebook group! 


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