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The garbage bag dismissal of Dr. Drew Pinsky (or, why can’t ‘celebrity doctors’ just get a grip?)


These “celeb doctors” are at it again. (Link to video at the bottom of this post.)

On Loveline last night with Dr. Drew Pinsky, a man from Florida called in presumably with a question about his fiancee. He states that his fiancee has endometriosis, IC, lactose intolerance and stomach issues and, before he can really even ask a question, he is interrupted by Drew and Crew with the following statements, which are both disgusting and damaging:


“These are what we call sort of functional disorders. Everything you mentioned, everything you mentioned, are things that actually aren’t discernibly pathological. They’re sort of — they’re what we call ‘garbage bag disorders,’ when you can’t think of anything else, you go ‘eh, well it’s that.’ So it then makes me question why is she so somatically preoccupied that she’s visiting doctors all the time with pains and urinary symptoms and pelvic symptoms, and then that makes me wonder, was she sexually abused growing up?” The caller goes on to say that his fiancee received these diagnoses before they were together, and Drew takes this smug, laughing tone, and tells the caller “TRUST ME, she saw *lots* of doctors before you were together in order to get those diagnoses. So, was she sexually abused growing up?” (Turns out she was.) Drew is gleeful, his staff laughs. “It only took 16 minutes” to get this “proper” diagnosis from Pinsky, states a female member of his crew. Drew presses on and insists that “unexplained pelvic pain” is often associated with sexual abuse because that’s the only way the body “can tell its tale of woe.” He then tells the called his fiancee “really needs to see a trauma specialist, and not a urologist. So really work on that.” The end the call without actually hearing a question or issue from the caller. Mike then proceeds to joke that another way a person can have unexplained pelvic pain is by having sex with [that evening’s guest] Alan Thicke.

All this happens in a matter of less than three minutes. He doesn’t even know why the Florida man called in; no question is asked, just background on his fiancee. LESS THAN THREE MINUTES. That’s all it takes for a radio show doctor to plant seeds of doubt in the mind of a fiancee, to dismiss a woman who has suffered and is about to now question herself and her mental health, and to reinforce the horrific, damaging ideas that anything causing pain in women comes down to being preoccupied with being sick and as a result of sexual violence. And these statements will stick, because Drew Pinsky makes himself known and visible and somehow “trustworthy.”

So much for “do no harm.”

I don’t deny that sexual violence causes damage to body and mind. I don’t disagree that she could benefit from seeing a specific counselor. I don’t even deny that some people really are preoccupied with being sick, and that is its own disorder.

But I began suffering with endo at age 10, before any sexual violence in my life. Can you tell me that a child just entering puberty has a preoccupation with being sick, Drew Pinsky? Really? What is your quick-hit radio doctor opinion on why, at age 12, I would be incapacitated during my period, to the point of fainting from pain, blood loss, clots? And can you explain the burns and lesions and adhesions our doctors took pictures of when they were inside our pelvis, trying to cut our organs apart from each other, trying to save our intestines and our fertility and give us a better quality of life for, at best, six months? Have you been hiding in our corners all this time, knowingly watching as pain meds fail and fertility treatments fail and birth controls can’t bring our monthlies (or daily pains) to heel?

OF COURSE YOU WEREN’T. Because you are not our doctor. You are not the doctor(s) of the fiancee you were so quick to judge and toss aside. You are not a women’s pain specialist or an expert in endo, adeno, IC or PCOS. You haven’t seen it or lived it.

We have. Millions and millions of us.

We have seen our photos and videos from surgery. They’re out there on YouTube if you haven’t. We have been to doctor after doctor — yes, including therapists — and suffered the consequences every day of being in pain and trying to function. Being in so much pain that even yoga pants hurt to the touch. Missing work and school because we can’t get out of the fetal position and if we do, blood is rushing down our legs. Missing sex. Miscarrying. Having very real complications, like endometriomas (which cause my right ovary to explode), and GI inflammation. Endometriosis and interstitial cystitis both have very real, tangible, observable pathologies. Just because Drew Pinsky doesn’t have experience with it doesn’t mean it is a “garbage bag” diagnosis. And since you don’t know what you’re talking about, Dr. Drew, maybe you should just shut up before you do more harm than you already have.

And I say, tell him so. Tell him now. On Twitter (@drdrew and @loveline). On his Facebook page. In your local newspapers and on blogs and the news.

I’m about to post to his page, and Twitter. Please do the same and tweet at me too when you do. (@endosucks) I’ve already posted in the Endo Sucks! Facebook group, on.fb.me/endosucks.

We deserve so much better.

Here is the link to the page and video; it begins at 30 minutes in. http://www.lovelineshow.com/b/Loveline-Live-w/-Alan-Thicke-04/24/2014/820367087189488288.html#commentsection


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63 thoughts on “The garbage bag dismissal of Dr. Drew Pinsky (or, why can’t ‘celebrity doctors’ just get a grip?)

  1. I wonder if Dr. Drew “sellout” Pinsky could explain why my ovaries keep growing large endometrial cysts (measured by real, actual medical equipment, Dr. Drew!) that rupture on a regular basis, spilling a hot “tar-like substance” into my abdominal cavity, causing excruciating pain for hours.
    ….Or maybe thats all just in my head? #DrDrewIsAnAsshat

    • Maybe we should ask him directly? I hear his Loveline page on Facebook is getting eviscerated right now.

      Twitter: @drdrew, @loveline
      Facebook: facebook.com/Loveline

  2. Oh, and laughing and celebrating when the caller confirmed his fiancee had been sexually assaulted in the past? Atrocious. How vile can people be?!

  3. I think you should send this as a story tip over to Jezebel (dot) com. I’m sure they’d love to comment on the doctor that calls pelvic pain a “garbage bag disorder” and a “tale of woe.” What a jerk >:(

    Great post btw! Thanks for writing about this.

    • Thanks Mia! I have been tweeting this to several people, but maybe I will send it to Jezebel.

      As I said, I don’t disagree with everything said. Yes, sometimes people who have been sexually assaulted have pelvic floor disorder and pelvic pain as a result. My issue is that Drew Pinsky cuts off the caller to dismiss endo and IC entirely, crows about the fiancee being sexually assaulted, and decides “well that’s it then” and ends the call. What in the hell?!

    • Also, Pinsky flat out says that endo and IC aren’t pathological and doesn’t even listen to the caller’s true concern. It’s misinformation at best and a bold-faced lie at worst. It is not OK.

    • I sent it to jezebel this morning.

      • I tweeted at them yesterday but not sure if they saw. Thank you for sharing! I’ll let you know if I hear from them, please let me know if they pick up the story.

  4. What the sh%*!!! How absolutely disturbing… Wow. I… Just… No words… Hugs. xoxoxo

    • Every time I look at it and think about it, I find something else that is disturbing. Right now, it’s that this doctor who is not a specialist, who does not know anything about the caller or his fiancee with any certainty, closed the call by encouraging the caller to keep his fiancee from going to a urologist and instead go to a counselor. While I think going to a counselor *is* a good thing for sexual assault survivors, it is an unconscionable, dangerous, and wholly unethical thing for Drew Pinsky to encourage the man to interfere with the fiancee’s course of treatment and healthcare relationship.

  5. Dr Drew didn’t say every single woman with endometriosis is somatically preoccupied. He sniffed it out because there wasn’t a specific diagnosis, and the guy’s fiancee was clearly visiting many different doctors to get such a grab bag of diagnoses. Dr Drew is 100% right in saying that this particular woman needs to receive treatment for her sexual trauma, and doctors are mistakenly diagnosing her with things such as endometriosis and lactose intolerance.

    Dr Drew is not the failure of the medical community. The failure of the medical community is that doctors can’t recognize the symptoms of a somatically-occupied patient who NEEDS treatment for sexual abuse.

    Reactionist absurdity like this blog post will stop doctors from taking risks and following their intuitions, resulting in robotic healthcare that can’t solve people’s true issues. If that’s the world you want, go for it, criticize the doctors actually able to see the big picture and care for their patients.

    And for the record, if you (blog writer) actually DO have endometriosis, Drew was NOT talking about you at all. Drew is talking about the women who do not actually have endometriosis but are misdiagnosed with it because doctors are overlooking significant things like childhood sexual trauma, which is incredibly significant in adult life.

    • Dr drew did not say Quote “ever girl with endo is abused” on this you are correct. He did however imply that women who have the symptoms and issues associated with endo are suffering from psychological not physical issues, You present your reaction to this post like you heard 20 minutes of conversation that no other listener was privy to, so some of recording where the listener gave Drew a hefty insight into his fiancee’s health history.

      I guess i missed it, Drew fired off assumptions and immediately went to sexual abuse history, the caller barely got a word in, and was constantly cut off, the most we hear from him are short interrupted interjections between Drew’s rants.

      You continue to go on about how “The failure of the medical community is that doctors can’t recognize the symptoms of a somatically-occupied patient who NEEDS treatment for sexual abuse.”

      I guess we need to create a super doctor that specializes in all realms of medicine and understanding of the human, because i don’t expect an internalist to be a specialist on psychology.

      The problem is quite the opposite of what you present, the problem is so many women’s needs are ignored because it is ASSUMED that they problems are psychological and NOT physical. We do this to women constantly rape victims asked for it, women in pain are just junkies, and women with problems with their reproductive organs must have been subjected to sexual abuse.

      I’m pretty sure when ‘Bob’ went to see his doctor about Cialis, the first question wasn’t “did daddy ever diddle you”.

      Remove yourself from your high horse, is there a problem in this country with mental health treatment, yes there is. Is this the place to discuss it? No it isn’t.


      • There’s absolutely no point in dividing psychological and physical. Nobody is saying “it’s just in your head”. Anything that’s psychologically harmful will manifest itself physically on your body — man or woman.

        I’ve listened to quite a bit of Loveline back in the day and Drew’s real talent is these snap judgments, which can’t be done face to face. When you are on the radio with someone calling in, you tune into things you can’t with body language. Right away Drew tuned into this guy’s concern and accurately picked out that his fiancee had a history of sexual trauma. He knew this because, gasp, he is a doctor that keeps up to date with medical journals from fields outside of his own specialization — like any good doctor should.

        It’s kind of absurd to say “well, he’s a plumber, so he doesn’t know anything about carpentry”. A good plumber should also have some carpentry skills because it will make him much more effective at his job.

        I understand how you might think he gets to his conclusion too quick, but Drew has been doing Loveline for 27 years. He’s heard it all. He really has an unbelievable amount of experience with this type of thing and his accuracy and precision is unreal to me.

      • A plumber should have some knowledge of carpentry, Sure.. a plumber is not a carpenter nor a carpenter a plumber and i don’t want either of them swapping jobs when they build my house.

        I’ve listened to a lot of Loveline, a show where a lot of listeners are prescreened to make sure they have some drama, ya i listened to it when i was a kid too, a lot of “i jerked off till i got a scab” calls. Dr. Drew is a personailty do you put the same faith in Oz, Phil, Gupda.

        Anything that is psychological become physical, so if you’re afraid of clowns, it might cause IBS? they are different. But enough of all that, HERE IS THE MAJOR POINT, and clearly the one you’ve missed.


        Rape victims can have endo, non rape victims can have endo. It’s not a one or the other, and Drew writes off the ENDO because of an assault, that is the issue here.

        Might she need mental health counseling for her assault, sure.
        Should her fiance write off her ‘illness’ as a farce because of an assault in her past, Absolutely NOT, and that is what Drew suggests.

      • “It’s kind of absurd to say “well, he’s a plumber, so he doesn’t know anything about carpentry””


      • For some reason I can’t reply directly to the UNBELIEVABLE comment directly below this (no 14) so will do it here instead.

        Do you honestly believe that making snap judgements based on nothing but a 30 second telephone conversation is a skill, or a sign of a good doctor? He hasn’t even spoken to the patient, and he thinks he knows that her diagnoses are nonsense! Reading medical journals has nothing to do with it, he is demonstrating the kind of backwards attitude towards endo that was prevalent 20-30 years ago, it’s certainly not based on current understanding.

        What you fail to grasp is that lots of women have both endo and a history of abuse, but that doesn’t mean they’re related – try getting help for a legitimate medical gynae issue when you’ve been abused, nobody will believe that you have a legitimate condition. Thats why it took me 12 years from the onset of symptoms to get a diagnosis. Oh, and the symptoms started before the abuse happened, please explain to me how that’s possible if the abuse is the cause.

        Based on your posts, you have no knowledge of endo or medicine whatsoever – sexual assault makes your hormones go bonkers and causes endo? Absolute nonsense. Endo isn’t caused by hormonal imbalance, it’s just that restricting the body’s production of oestrogen can prevent it from worsening. My oestrogen levels when not on treatment are the same as anyone else’s.

        I wonder why you’re getting yourself caught up in this when it seems to have no relevance to your personal experience? We are all quite defensive, because most of us have battled through this nonsense for years and fought to get a diagnosis and adequate treatment – hearing such explicit lies about our conditions is very upsetting, reminds us of those experiences and puts public perception of these conditions even further back. Often we feel that, at least we have a proper diagnosis now, no-one can accuse me of it being in my head ever again – then this guy says on national radio that they’re not real conditions and we’re probably all just a bunch of rape victims needing counselling.

        Don’t get me wrong, I know first hand what it’s like to experience abuse – I was abused by my own father. I had therapy for this, and have dealt with it all well. It has nothing to do with the disease within my abdomen, which I’ve seen in footage of my surgeries courtesy of my endo specialist.

    • Jason. The issue is the woman that was discussed during this show was DIAGNOSED with Endometriosis and IC. You cannot be diagnosed with Endometriosis without a laparoscopic surgery where Endometriosis adhesions are seen and are usually sent off to pathology. To say she was misdiagnosed is ridiculous. Yes she was sexually abused, but that was not why her finance was calling. Does she need counselling? Possibly. But her pelvic pain is most like related to her diagnosed medical conditions than past trauma. Seemed to me this doctor was more interested in getting the caller off the phone than discussing how this caller could be helpful to his fiance who is experiencing chronic daily pain. Now this caller is going to tell his fiance that her pain is all in her head.

      This is the reason women with Endometriosis are upset…we are often told that our pain is all in our head. Because there is no way to measure pain, we are told it is subjective, that it is not real, that we are being dramatic, hysterical, etc.

      • He’s just “a doctor for tv”, like actors playing a role of a dr, that’s all!!! He’s full of shit!!!!

    • If you had any knowledge of endometriosis, you would know that it can only be diagnosed by a laparoscopic procedure, which this woman must have had in order for a Dr. to diagnose her with it.

      • So what’s your point exactly? It could be diagnosed by a time-travelling robot, the point is the same. If a hormone deficiency is causing pain in that area it could be related to past sexual abuse. When people undergo serious trauma such as sexual abuse their hormones are thrown completely out of whack, and this commonly manifests itself as all sorts of conditions — including endometriosis. Treat the psychological issue, and you’re going to notice improvement.

        That doesn’t mean everybody with endo is sexually abused, or is a liar, but the defensiveness here is absurd. Obviously there is a real condition that dr drew does not mean to downplay but in the interest of time and entertainment he is forced to get to the point faster than natural in regular human interactions.

        Dr. Drew didn’t downplay anything, you are downplaying the significance of sexual abuse on people’s health. It IS significant, it DOES have affects, and women who have experienced that trauma absolutely need to receive psychology help before doing anything significant in their own lives, otherwise they will be reproducing the effects of the trauma.

        It’s no different than men who were beat heavily as boys, they were abused, they experienced trauma, they absolutely need to seek psychological professional help instead of making significant decisions that affects other peoples’ lives (children and female partners in particular).

        This is like pulling a petal off of a dandelion when you can pull it up by the root. We need to as a society address the issue of abuse as children, not the symptoms of it in adulthood.

      • Jason. Out of balance hormones is a symptom of Endometriosis, not a cause. It would be like saying all women with brown hair have Endo, because a high percentage do. A high percentage of women with Endo have been abused BECAUSE a high percentage of women in general have been abused. Endometriosis is a genetic condition present since birth, it becomes present at maturation (menstruation). While therapy may be helpful for people with a chronic pain condition it should not be the foremost specialist that they are sent to. A physical reason for pain should be ruled out before including a mental reason. Therapy would only be helpful in the case that they person is engaging is thought processes that are increasing pain, or if the person’s central nervous system has become over-sensitized. Another generalization made is that all people that have been abused need therapy, this is not the case, therapy is not helpful in all cases.

        No one is downplaying how serious any type of abuse is. But I do not trust any doctor that jumps on it in thirty seconds and directs the conversation to that. What if the caller was planning on asking about sex with his fiance because she keeps complaining that it is extremely painful (another symptom of ENDO) and he wanted advice…now this man is going to tell his fiance that she is not right in the head, her pain will be cured by therapy and she does not have Endo and should be able to service him without any problems. So did he really get to the point? Or did he just throw something at the caller to get him off the phone? Hopefully the man calling in is smart to realize that no proper diagnosis can be made during a 60 second conversation where you barely speak with an egotistical TV/Radio doctor.

        I also do not trust a doctor that works with colleagues who make jokes during a serious conversation (wow it took twelve minutes to drag that out of him, you know what another cause of unexplained pelvic pain is…sex with Alan Thicke) and does not stand up against this bad behaviour.

      • Sexual abuse does not cause endometriosis. Jason Flyer you are a nitwit

    • I do not have endometriosis, nor have I been sexually abused. I have witnessed how devastating the effects of endometriosis are because my daughter has suffered with it for many years. I recognize your point about this woman needing attention for sexual abuse, however, this is not merely reactionist absurdity. This woman could also be suffering from endometriosis, as well as, many other serious comorbid conditions. The point here is that Dr. Drew treated the man’s serious question in a dismissive joking way. There was a strong condescending tone about the woman seeking advice from many doctors. He never waited for an actual answer from the caller. He moved the conversation along with sarcasm to make it appear he was making a brilliant diagnosis. He irresponsibly prejudiced that man against his own girlfriend. He also belittled the serious painful disease of endometriosis, thereby further uneducating the public. Honestly, his attitude and those with him were disgraceful to the medical field as a whole. If he continues to propagate such blatant misinformation and laughs at callers, he will quickly lose his credibility.

    • I’m still not sure how you think someone can be “misdiagnosed” with endo. Endo can ONLY be diagnosed through a lap surgery and biopsy. That’s it. No MRI’s, no CT’s, no ultrasounds, no other way. I was diagnosed in 2005, after 10 yrs of pain and gi issues. The reason we are so upset by this is because a lot of us were told that we were fine at some point. “Doctor” after “doctor” telling us there’s nothing physically wrong with us, it’s all in our head, we had psychological issues. Guess what? I was NOT sexually abused. I had a pretty ideal childhood and family life. We were poor, but my parents are wonderful people and raised all three of us very well. I was finally diagnosed when a cyst on my ovary burst. This man’s fiance had to have had a lap with biopsy to diagnose her, so it’s not in her head.

      • By the way, just as a side note, endometriosis isn’t caused by low hormone levels. In fact, most within with endo have very high estrogen levels, which puts us at a higher risk for many types of cancer.

      • You are correct on both. This is why hormone suppression is used to try to manage endo symptoms.

    • Ok…I have not been abused at all and I have had interstitial Cystitis for 14 years. It is not a garbage disease and for the jerk drew to make that assumption is ridiculous. He is not a uro-gynecology expert. Jason, you seem to think you are an expert on the disease that has caused my bladder lining to wear away..you are not! The day you have to live with pain in your bladder so bad that you want to die, have to walk around feeling like have have to use the bathroom yet your bladder is empty or use the bathroom 20+ times in a day, then you can make an comment about my disease.
      Drew is wrong, I saw the top doctor in the country for IC in Boston’s national known Medical Center..Dr. Granum Sant..and he mentioned no correlation between IC & sex abuse..nor did he ask me. A person’s bladder lining cells are not going to stop reproducing because a person was abused, if that was the case than everyone abused would have IC.
      So stop saying that people with IC need to have their head examined…it has no merit or validity. And stop defending drew as a great expert because of he was, he would not call a disease that so many doctors treat a garbage disease.
      I have not been abused & I have IC. I have a cousin & 2 sisters that were abused & they don’t have any medical issues. You are not an expert on IC and IC is not caused by sex abuse! Mental disorders like anxiety can be proven as a result of abuse…but not IC.
      Now go enjoy your pain free bladder day that is also free of unfair judgement & accusation.

    • How the heck would drew know the woman in question had endo or IC? Did he examine her? Did he look at her bladder with a cystoscope? Did he examine her at all….no! He just assumed she was misdiagnosed because she had been abused. Just because she was doesn’t mean she doesn’t have those diseases. Your comments are not valid! Drew say up there and said IC was not a real diagnosis…he is wrong!
      He doesn’t know that ladies medical files and neither do you…drew just used her past abuse to write off the diseases she has.
      It is sad when this man is supposed to help people but instead wrote the women’s problems off as “oh she was abused..next caller”. He is a joke & so are your arguments that her pain is from abuse.
      ” oh I’ve been abused & my bladder lining is gone because of that…”. HOW RIDICULOUS DOES THAT SOUND!

    • Sorry, but you’re incorrect. She does have a diagnosis, she had multiple diagnoses – he fiancé didn’t say she was undiagnosed, he said she was diagnosed with various conditions.

      It is not a radio doctor’s job to state that the diagnoses given by this woman’s doctors are incorrect without even speaking to her, or even getting any information about her symptoms or current condition. Her fiancé mentioned endo, IC and lactose intolerance and he stated that none of these conditions have any pathology (a lie), asked why she’s so obsessed with being sick (he has no reason to believe that) and state that the problems are psychosomatic and caused by abuse.

      Would a man with testicular pain be given the same treatment? All Dr Drew had to go on was the names of the conditions, he knew nothing about this patient – her fiancé called for help and was instead told that his fiancé has nothing physically wrong with her.

      I do not deny that some people have somataform disorders, but a disproportionate number of women complaining of pelvic pain are accused of this before even being investigated. Prior to my diagnosis of endometriosis, notes from an a&e visit said “cause of pain: either ovarian cyst or psychosomatic”. No consideration of endo, which affects one in ten women. Why is that?

      Do you know why many women who suffer from pelvic pain also have a history of abuse? It’s because many women suffer from pelvic pain, and many women have a history of abuse. There’s always going to be an overlap. Recent events in the UK have proven that sexual assault, of women in particular, is not rare at all – it’s common. And I know many endo sufferers who have never been abused.

      This sorry excuse for a doctor said that endo has no pathology (I’ll send him the results of my biopsies and the DVD of my having endo burned away from my insides if it helps. He’s recently “apologised” saying “this girl didn’t even have endometriosis ” (yes, she did, it was very clear).

      The only way to diagnose endometriosis is a laparoscopy wherein the endometriosis is seen. Therefore, it’s impossible for anyone to be “wrongly diagnosed” with endometriosis rather than trauma resulting from sexual assault. If they’ve seen it, she has it.

      It’s not a case of doctors trusting their instincts and considering somataform as a cause – most doctors don’t even consider the possibility of endometriosis as the cause and are more likely to suggest that pelvic pain is psychosomatic, despite how common endo is.

      Besides, he WAS talking about all endo sufferers because he said that all of the diseases mentioned have no pathological basis, aren’t real disorders and are “garbage bag diagnoses”. He didn’t know anything about this woman’s case when he said these things so he could be talking about any of us.

      Wake up.

  6. Let’s hope you never get a disabling disease Dr. Drew. I think calling yourself a “Dr.” Is a joke anyway. You’re a reality show idiot at best.

  7. Way to go!!! Thanks for letting us know about this!

  8. I’ve just signed a petition in change.org. The link ishttps://www.change.org/petitions/dr-drew-pinsky-recant-and-apologize-to-the-women-who-suffer-worldwide-with-endometriosis-and-interstitial-cystitis-2

  9. How dare you say this things this stuff is for real and I have problems with my bladder and my pelvic and it is not in my head I have had cycts before and it is very painful this stuff is not in are heads you on great full ass!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Keep pretending to be doctors. The real ones are saving lives and choosing to help behind the scenes vs. making asses of themselves on TV or Radio. If your a doctor then so if Neil Patrick Harris. Your all are jokes!!

  11. Extremely well said and written! I also have emailed him about what he calls “garbage diseases”. I wish there was a way that we could for one minute touch him and he feel the pain that we deal with day after day, then he would understand….but he wouldn’t be able to handle the pain even for that one minute. It also amazes me how he can call himself an “advocate for mental health” what an absurd crul joke!!!!!!! All of us have to stand up for ourselves on this matter and for others who are suffering from these horrible diseases….we have to let “Dr.” drew know and understand just how much in the wrong he truly is….afterall he is not even a board certified urologist so how can he even speak on ic or any matters that he knows nothing at all about!!! Thank you for speaking out and taking a stand….I appreciate it!!!!!!

  12. What an idiot he is. I saw 4 doctors before an MRI showed up a 5 cm endo cyst running along my c/section scar. And the pain IS very real, so is the disease. And no I was not sexually abused at any time in my life, but hey I still have this VERY REAL disease.

  13. I think maybe we should ignore Jason. There always has to be someone arguing the other side. Doesn’t mean we should listen.
    I’ve been a sufferer of IC for 7 years and in no way shape or form is it a “garbage can diagnosis”. When I’m urinating up to 50 times a day, I don’t sit on the toilet thinking “this must all be in my head. And I must have been sexually abused and I don’t remember…” Nope. Wait…no, still no. Dr. Drew unfortunately has become a very dismissive 1 minute answer doctor. Not a doctor who listens and cares about what’s really wrong with you.

  14. Please sign this petition to get him to publicly apologize to those who suffer from endo:

  15. This is why he can only make money off tv ratings from a crap show called celebrity rehab…. He can’t even help the lost causes on that show as is
    Let alone be a knowledgable basis for physical medical conditions….

  16. Infuriated does not even begin to describe how I feel after reading this. I have fired off on Facebook and Twitter. Each of the 176 million women across the globe suffering with endo should be allowed to give this self-absorbed pig a kick in the crotch.

  17. I am sorry but endometriosis is not in our head and is not a joke. It is hard enough for us to get people to umderstand the pain we go through and how mush pain we actually do go through everybody just thinks we can tough it out or just take a motrin and it will all go away. I only wish that was true. I have been dealing with this for 12 years. I have had doctors tell me the pain was in my head so may times it is not even funny. I had one doctor even try to tell me my pain was due to a STD and my husband was cheaping on me and that is how I got the STD. She told me all this before she even got the test back. I demand test be ran and they found my pain was from another cyst on my ovary. All these doctors that want to treat us like we are crazy they are the ones that are garbage. Endometriosis is not by far garbage it is very much real. You have no idea what we go through everyday. Imagine for one second feeling like every step you take all your insides are going to fall out because they feel so heavy and the pain that follows that heaviness can drop you to the floor like someone just took a baseball bat to you. On top of that try having to go to work in all this pain because your job does not offer sick days, vaction days or anything like that then have to go home and clean house and take care of a family while you try to fight back the tears due to the pain being so severe. Once you have gone through this then come back and tell me it is garbage.

  18. Dr . Drew I use to have respect for you , I wish you could live in my body you wouldn’t last 3 minutes. Ive been living with endo for 30yrs and have been degraded by better Dr.’s than you. It took along time for me to get over the way dr.’s treated me and the garbage they spouted. It devastates me to think about all the damage you have done to all these young women who are already questioning themselves and their sanity. I dont know what else to say except how extremely HURTFUL & DEGRADING your words have been.

    Brandi Quinn Lawson

  19. Interstitial cystitis , a disease of the bladder lining. The lining of the bladder is sick…Dr.Drew ,perhaps you should of watched The Doctors…..it was explained. I can not understand how you can dismiss the horible debilitating pain of IC. I have been dealing with IC for 28 yrs,and it has robbed me of so much. I pray for a cause …so we can find a cure. I want to be healed of this disease. I had endometriosis,before I had my son. I had to go through surgery to have it removed. I was having trouble conceiving a child. You know the remarks about sexual abuse are really ignorant since many never experienced it. Yet ,they have interstitial cystitis. Why ,would you want to say such horrible things about women & Men that have interstitial cystitis. Please,be an advocate to help us …..this is’nt in our heads …we are suffering from horrible pain. I go to the bathroom sometimes every 15 minutes . Can you imagine what this is like everyday for 28 years. Raise awareness ,so we can get a cure. Shame on you for the mean words that came from your mouth about those who are suffering so much.

  20. celeb doctors sums it up – if he said these things he enetertaining not informing- is he a medical MD or another type of DR- a doctorate say in philosophy?

    • He is internal medicine and an addiction specialist, from what it says on his profile. Neither gives him the magic expertise to “know” via a phone call with her fiancé that she doesn’t have these disorders, nor the right to encourage the caller to come between this woman and her care providers.

  21. I too suffer with Endometriosis and IC as well as Adenomyosis, PCOS, and Hashimoto’s disease. I have dealt with many doctors who feel the way Dr. Drew does, and they forced me to ignore my disease for over a decade. I lost ten years of my life to this ignorance, and now Dr. Drew has used his, very large, platform to spread that ignorance even further. Some day my daughter’s may suffer with Endometriosis, IC, or some of my other ailments and I hope that they don’t encounter the kind of misogyny that I did. Here is my open letter to Dr. Drew: http://red-hairing.com/2014/04/26/an-open-letter-to-dr-drew-pinskey/

  22. This is disgusting.

    How dare he at first victim blame, assume abuse and then ASK if she was abused.


  23. I have suffered from IC for 14 years, I have seen the pictures of the inside of my bladder; patches of red rawness as the lining has worn away. The pain I suffer is horrible, I’m lucky now to have a doctor who treats my pain, but it took me 5 years of suffering in pain before I found Dr. Amity Rubeor.
    I am appalled at the remarks made by this quack Dr.Drew who is not a url-gynecology expert or an expert on IC. He hurt me personally,as I cried for 30 minutes after hearing him tell this guy his fiance’s diseases were garbage. My pain and feelings of having to use the bathroom with an empty bladder are very real. Someone needs to make this jerk accountable for his rotten unprofessional words!

  24. I sent your website and my own comments to TMZ. If everyone follows suit, eventually the media will catch up to this.

    • Wow, thank you! I agree that more attention is needed and education deserved. I hope media will talk to real experts, including Drs. Tamer Seckin, Camran Nezhat and Ken Sinervo, and Mary Lou Ballweg.

  25. Boycott Dr. Drew show, He does not know what he is talking about, saying that IC and endometriosis is a garbage and it isn’t real, and it is caused from being sexually abused. I would not wish this disease on my worse enemy. Think about pouring alcohol on in opened wound, think about sitting in a line of traffic and you have to go to the bathroom and you have to hold it, even after you go you are in a lot of pain, or missing things with your family because you are in so much pain. I have an in law that does not have much to do with me anymore because I am not normal. I have lost a lot of friends because I can’t enjoy doing things we use to do. If you do put on your happy pants and go out and spend the day doing something you really enjoy doing then you end up in bed the next day, Yes, I did something on 4/26 and I knew I would pay for it on Sunday which I did, I made it to Church in execrating pain, but as soon as I got home I spent the rest of my day in a my recliner, I could not even think about doing what I had plans for today. My bladder is in so much pain it even makes my legs hurt, Living of 20 + different kinds of medication is no fun. Plus trying to remember what you take, and when you take it. Dr. Drew, I just wonder how you would feel with pressure in your penis and feels like broken glass and if you are out shopping and have to double over in pain? Then trying to explain to others why you can’t eat something and they don’t understand why, Well you put out a wrong kind of message, Letting people think this disease is not true just like some doctors still thing it is all in our heads. I think it is about time you look up information before you give it, I hope your ratings go down that you are no longer on a radio show or TV. Plus I will be printing this off and showing it to all my doctors that believe in these chronic diseases

  26. Thank you. Honestly, your story is nearly identical to mine – down to having this disease since the age of 10.

    Your eloquence has helped me to calm down.

    Having said that, the troglodyte in question may want to avoid EVER visiting Australia- there are thousands of sufferers here who have heard all about this, along with their supporters – all would like a few minutes in private with this “Doctor”.

    • Thank you, Jodie, and I’m sorry to say that if you’re upset now, you might want to wait a bit to hear the “apology,” the misinformation (from Drew) and the vile comments (made by Mike) on his show. You can find snips of it on twitter; I’m waiting to post more until I hear it in full for myself.

  27. I couldn’t agree more. Aside from the pain brought up by clip (which echoes most of the appointments I endured prior to diagnosis), the real harm is that the listeners will believe him. Moreover, will this guy now doubt his fiancé? I do hope not, but I worry for her. I know how little it takes for a partner to star disbelieving when doctors make those kind of comments.

    Does he know why so many women with pelvic pain were sexually abused? It’s because so many women have pelvic pain, and so many women have been sexually abused. Think venn diagram. In my husband’s world, almost every woman he has a close relationship with has been sexually abused (me, his sister, his aunt, past girlfriends, etc etc). I’m the only one with these issues though. There’s bound to be a large correlation, but what about those who have never been abused? I reckon that, if you said to every woman in the world, “I think you’ve been sexually abused, have you?”. most of them could find some experience, however minor, in their past where they’ve been treated improperly in a sexual situation. Not all women, but many.

    Right now, I’m 31, having hot flushes and my period is 6 weeks late. I spent 2 years on zoladex five years ago so I know menopause symptoms and I’m pretty sure I’m going into an early one. I’ve been dismissed by all hospital departments, GP wants me to stop morphine even though there’s no more treatment options left, I have developed chronic fatigue and have left the house once in the last month. There’s nothing imaginary about my pain or my other symptoms – the most likely cause is the decade I spent before getting any help or treatment. I have no kids since most days I can barely walk to the loo so it’s probably not the best idea, as much as I’d like them. I spent a fortune getting a degree, only to have to give up working at 29. Believe me, I do not want to be sick.

    In his “apology”, he said “this woman didn’t even have endometriosis”, so he’s clearly deaf as well as stupid. The co-host says he would sympathise more if Drew had actually said that endo isn’t real – he did (“no discernible pathology”). I can send him a DVD of my former specialist burning away my visible endo deposits if it helps.

    I try to avoid making rash statements, but I am sick of a healthcare system that is fundamentally biased against women. We might as well be in the Victorian era and being diagnosed with hysteria.

  28. It is completely ridiculous that in this age of instant information and communication, someone can make such a flippant remark. The cheering and laughing, along with his “triumphant” pose, when the caller confirmed his fiance had been sexually abused, physically made me sick. Attitudes like that cannot be allowed in any form of media.
    I think (and hope) it is pretty clear to anyone with an internet connection that what Dr Drew said is ‘garbage’ but part of me despairs at the thought of the faithful listeners who believe whatever he says.
    As someone with diagnosed endometriosis, endometriosis which presented itself for 10 years before I even had sex (let alone suffered from sexual abuse), this whole story highlights to me how much more work we need to do to educate not only the general public but those within the medical profession. Not to mention that fickle mistress of the media.

  29. Are we really that surprised? We, who have dealt with countless male physicians telling us that our symptoms are normal. Yes, Dr. Drew, I chose this. I chose not just cramps-terrible cramps- but heavy bleeding and diarrhea and migraine and tissue surgeries, where the doctor apparently removed imaginary endometrial tissue that bound my organs into a fun little ball. Functional? In what sense? I chose to have a total hysterectomy at 31 years old because I thought, why not? I just wish that a doctor who is ignorant of a subject, would have the guts to say so instead of parading his ignorance around as though proud of it.

  30. Dr. Drew is using a mental abuse technique known as “gaslighting” to deal with this situation and it is deplorable. Gaslighting is when an abuser will use vigorous denial, indignation, and more to convince the victim that their perceptions or memory of a situation are not accurate, thus making flipping the situation to make them the attacker and the abuser the attacked.

    Not only did Dr. Drew say all of these things, “garbage bag diagnoses” (plural) and “no discernible pathology”, but he has managed to convince some that he DIDN’T, that he is under attack, that the Endo and IC communities are “dangerous bullies” and that he HAS apologized, when really all he did was justify his ignorance and endanger the life of the caller’s fiancé, as well as anyone who was listening and deals with the diseases.

    During his podcast with Dr. Seckin, he attempted to stir up sympathy from Dr. Seckin himself (pathetic) and Dr. Seckin refused to go along with it, saying that if Dr. Drew had used the proper tone, these communities are very understanding. I wrote about the podcast here (http://wp.me/p3M9i4-cX).

  31. Pingback: Feminism in Action: Concrete Tip #8 (Put Your Money Where Your Values Are) | This.Strenuous.Life

  32. Kudos to you for calling such unprofessional behavior on the carpet. I agree it sounds as if this physician has filed the Hippocratic Oath on the shelf between fantasy and science fiction.

  33. Hey

    I’ve seen dr drew a few times in some shows and i he’s despicable. He is judgemental to the girls he talks to on the show teen mom and to teen moms in general. He is biased and his comments may be very dangerous psychologically to some girls. This is Just an exemple. I wish it was possible to end his career. I hate that, he wants to be treated as a therapist but he aint one. Here in Portugal it is not allowed for you to go talk bullshit, while calling yourself a doctor, whitout having arguments that were tested in science. It make me really mad everytime i see him because he wants to help people but thats no way to do it, he’s Just trying to shuve bullshit into peoples heads

  34. funny when I was married I had stomach problems, heart palpulations, migraines, painful sex and it was all me because I was sick then it was depression, borderline personality, and never had a great love, oh the fucker raped and sodomized me he likes to have woman crap into his mouth I never did it ..instead I left and funny all my ailments went away so Jezebel shut the fuck up twat

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