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Confessions of a Health Activism Blogger

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A good read! We are and must be our own best advocates!

Do I Look Sick?

You know, for as much of my life as I’ve devoted to health activism and being open about invisible illness, I am still nowhere near where I want to be as an activist for myself. I’m really happy that I’ve helped so many people stand up and speak out for themselves and that I’ve brought a little bit of light to issues that are still very much in the dark. But every now and then I can’t help but let my own shortcomings get me down.

I thought I might feel a bit better if I got some of this off my chest, so I’m coming clean with you. These are my confessions. As always with “downer” subject matter, I’ll keep the mood light with gifs and memes.

Confession #1: I am still not open about my health with my parents.

Yes, my own flesh and blood. The people…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog!!! :D

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