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Update on the little man


This is a follow-up to a post I made recently, detailing some health issues with my dog, Pippin.


On one recent Sunday, I took Pippin to work. He’s the best in the biz.

Long story short: NO SURGERY FOR THE SMALL DOG! The ultrasound shows a nodule on his pancreas, and some of his organs were a bit enlarged, but there’s no cancer, no foreign object stuck in his gut, and absolutely no need for surgery, as the first vet had pressed so firmly into my brain.

Basically, his big tummy was full of air and food that was fermenting, which was the culprit in his gastro issues. He’s a small dog that’s getting older and the high-fiber vet food just wasn’t right for him. I put him on soft food of a different brand for a bit, but when that didn’t stop the gastrointestinal distress, we put him on the tried-and-true diet for doggy diarrhea: chicken and rice. He’s been eating it since with only one short-lived gastro issue over the weekend when we relented and gave him a bite of egg white.

No more panting all night like a cow in labor. No more shitting himself. No more tear-inducing farts that wake us up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night.

My dog did not have cancer. My dog had to take a shit and change his diet. THANKS, VET NO. 1, FOR THE PANIC. I guess doctors of all shades can be total dipshits.

I haven’t called Vet No. 1 to let them know that another has taken their place. Neither have they called me to check on Pippin or follow-up on the ultrasound he was supposed to have at their facility (I canceled it to have it done with an internal medicine specialist at Vet No. 2 after she was so nice in dealing with his bruising on an emergency basis). So where are you, Vet No. 1?

I am looking forward to going in to my now former vet, picking up his papers, and letting them know exactly why I’m switching away from their practice. And while I’d love to light a match and let that bridge burn, I know I’ll be gracious but firm and not mince words on exactly how many ways they have disappointed me in the last few years. When I first took him there, they were great, and while the staff has always been kind, the staff is also constantly changing. I never see the same vet twice, so there’s no rapport. And this is also the place that convinced me he needed to be knocked out while being groomed, and when they did that, injured his little throat so that he needed medications and coughed for months. So, no, I won’t be bringing him here for surgery or anything else, thanks.

And I’ll be damned, I am so glad I am as crazy as I am when it comes to seeking out multiple opinions and options. We all do this for our pets and children (sometimes they’re one and the same), thinking there must be something better for them. We should remember that there is often something out there that’s better for US, and we deserve the best advocate around — ourselves!


Author: endosucks

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3 thoughts on “Update on the little man

  1. Amen!!! So glad he’s feeling better. Diet can help the pups and us too!

  2. I am so pleased he is better, I’m thinking of him xx

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