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You know your gyno is frustrated when …


.. You write “want to discuss BC” on your forms for your gyne annual, and when she comes in she’s wincing and saying “Do we *REALLY* have to talk about your birth control? Nothing has worked for you!”

Lucky for her I just wanted to remind her of the new birth controls I now receive for free (thanks, healthcare overhaul). Also lucky for her, I didn’t kick her in the ovary.

To be fair, she’s been my doc for years, and we have literally tried every. single. thing. Every pill, shot, insertion has been exhausted either before I got there or under her care, except for pregnancy (a fallacy!) or hysterectomy. It’s monumentally frustrating that not one thing has given me the promised relief of alleviating my period entirely, which I made very clear to her at this visit.

But it’s also very frustrating and insulting to be actively told you’re “that patient.”  That difficult one. It ain’t so easy on this side of the stirrups either, sweetheart.

Just a flamingly ignorant comment from an otherwise very supportive physician.


Author: endosucks

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2 thoughts on “You know your gyno is frustrated when …

  1. Hi there, can totally relate with the frustration, my gyno constantly tells me that I’m ‘an odd one’, which is always positive and reassuring to hear! ha! Don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have other peoples similar experiences to relate to. Hope all is well at the moment

  2. I’ve also had this happen. After another endometriosis removal she was saying I should get pregnant and mind you I had just turned 18. For a few visits after shed ask if I had a bf yet,then the next visit she said “IM NOT EVEN GOING TO ASK IF YOU HAVE A BF YET” and proceeded to tell me I should just have sex with a friend and try to get “knocked up”. I felt horrible, like a loser. I was not ready for a child and wasn’t going to try. Needless to say that was my last appointment with her!!

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