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Uh oh! Help me help you

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I love and obsess over analyze the information provided by WordPress about the blog: how many views we get, from what countries, what links are you clicking, etc. WORDPRESS KNOWS ALL.

But I found something disturbing the other day: It looks like at least one person clicked some mystery link, and when I clicked it, it took me to an obnoxious fake splash page about some UK diet and popup that wouldn’t go away, even when I closed and reopened the browser. I don’t think I got a virus from it but I ran my Norton anyway.

If you experienced this, first, I am extremely sorry! Second, please leave me a note in the comments so we can try to figure out where this came from and how to fix it.

Screw you, fake ad! This is my house!


Author: endosucks

Endometriosis sucks. I'm here to help. on.fb.me/endosucks twitter.com/endosucks endosucks.wordpress.com

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