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Endo Sucks, Day 15: Be at peace (Co-worker support part one)

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Last night was a stressful night that ended in a spurt of rage. I was super irritable and irrationally angry the two days before that. And I’m already anticipating feeling pissed at least once in the next 24 hours. Not a really good boost for positive health.

But after some venting about it on Twitter, my co-worker Al sent a remarkable tweet. First he asked if there were any “calming beverages around” (there were none; I was still at work and we have little alcohol at home). Then we had the following exchange:

A fine mantra for us all.

It seriously froze my anger and gave me calm; calm enough to start thinking about why dumb comments from strangers should be allowed to affect me so. And they shouldn’t. But because I am so deeply wrapped in this, and care and fight for my health and that of others, yeah, it’s going to spark a fire when you challenge or insult that. But I have to let it go.

And so I also present to you a photo of Al, my co-worker who is apparently also Buddha. He has been supportive of the Endo Sucks! movement and Endo Awareness Month, and even tweeted me specifically a while back to request a yellow ribbon from me. And so here he is:

Al, repping for Endometriosis Awareness Month!


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