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Endo Month, Day 9: Faces of endometriosis


I found this video on the blog Mud and Lotus the other day. It has some nice facts and photos of women who go suffer endometriosis.

Some of the surgery photos gave me the heebies. It also brought me fresh back to when I had my third laparoscopy in 2010. I bought a digital camcorder special for the event, planning on making a video about my experience. I ended up being so miserable and feeling so disgusting that I kept telling my mom and boyfriend not to use it, thus losing any possible contribution I might have made with it. Unless I have a fourth surgery of course, which is entirely possible.

It brought me fresh back to the terrible experiences of surgery and particularly this last one; I had a fever going in after having a serious reaction to my bowel prep, serious enough to land me in the emergency room of the hospital where I was due to arrive for pre-op a few hours later. My surgeon was not informed of this, even though the nurses told *me* he was. I developed an infection during the surgery and what should have been a day-procedure turned into about 5 days in the hospital … and they housed me in Maternity. MATERNITY. Insult, meet Injury.

So I spent days feeling dizzy from pain meds and burning from fever, walking the halls hand-in-hand with my boyfriend with my air-swollen tummy telling lies about me. Women in active labor would pass me and give me a nod, as if we were in the same situation and ‘hang in there’. Every night, often twice or more, nurses would barge into my room, frantic, throwing on the lights and demanding to know where my baby was and where was my husband? They took my blood every day and every time they congratulated me on being a mom. And on my last day, the head nurse (Nurse Wratched, as I called her) tried to send me home sans pain medication, leading to a yelling match with the other caretakers outside my door.

Going back to that — and to the way I felt in the photo below — makes my stomach drop. I don’t want to play this game any more.


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2 thoughts on “Endo Month, Day 9: Faces of endometriosis

  1. Thank you for Endo sucks. I no longer feel so alone knowing there’s women all over the world who know exactly what I’m going through.

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