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Endo Month, Day 8: Photo support, family edition

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It appears the photo posts are the most popular these days, and with good reason: It’s nice to see support!

Here’s a few that bear particular importance to me: they’re family!

The Supporter

Aliye is the one Endo Sucks! members often hear me refer to as “my sister, the doctor.” She graduates this year from the University of Miami medical school and will be an OB/GYN, thanks to some pushing and training from my side after we worked together in women’s healthcare a few years ago. She was 15 and I was 17 when we entered undergrad in the same year and have been close friends ever since. I consult her often with my questions and yours. With her good heart and strong mind (and exceptional research with the NIH in fibroids and continuing accolades and research), I am so proud for her to be my sister, my supporter, and someday the doc who swabs my cervix. (Well, maybe.)

My sister, the doctor

My sister, repping for endo while on vacation

The Survivor & Supporter
Ladies and gentlemen: My mom!

My mother is awesome.

If you’ve read the About Me page, you’ll know my mom also was hit hard with endometriosis, as was her mother. And if you’ve read anything about endometriosis, you’ll see that it seems to travel in families. We aren’t any exception. My mom had a hard time all through her teens, just like I did. But when she had her laparoscopy at age 18, she was so inundated with lesions and adhesions that her repro organs were totally obscured. She was told she would never have children. Then she turned 19 later that month, became engaged to my father, and shortly after they married in 1983, she discovered she was pregnant. Then they told her she’d likely lose the pregnancy.

And now I’m here.

Doctors also tried to encourage her to get pregnant again right after I was born, but she wasn’t having it. She had a bad life with endo and a difficult pregnancy thanks to doctors misdiagnosing her idiopathic edema, so at age 20, she made the decision to improve her life, care for herself and her newborn and had a radical hysterectomy.

We butt heads like any mother and daughter, but my mom has always made it clear how much she supports me and my sundry health challenges, most of which result from endometriosis itself. When I considered IVF, she helped me research. When I screamed and ranted and had a major narcotic-induced meltdown, she listened. When I talk about kids or hysterectomy, she supports. And she wants me to enjoy my youth, which as you know is exponentially more difficult with endometriosis and all it brings. But she’s been there. Maybe not for as many years as I’ve had it, but she gets it. Every surgery she’s helping me and she wants an update after every doctor’s visit.

And in the end, when the going gets tough, everybody just wants their mom. And mine is great.


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One thought on “Endo Month, Day 8: Photo support, family edition

  1. For every year you have suffered this, I have suffered ten. for for if not for me you would not be here…. or in this pain.

    You make this topic important.
    You are what has made my life unique.
    You are a light in the darkness to so many
    You are the light of my life.

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