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Another crazy weekend

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Because of the wackiness that is journalism, my weekend is Thursday and Friday. But it came in handy today as it was International Women’s Day and I was able to participate in the third annual international Join Me on the Bridge event. The event began when women of Rwanda and the Congo met on a bridge to sore they could literally bridge all the issues between them and unite in peace. The idea caught fire and now women around the world -particularly war-torn countries – are participating to end gender-based violence. In jacksonville, we marched downtown to the Main Street Bridge with signs and tossed flowers into the St. Johns River to honor the many women who have lost their lives. It really was amazing, and it was very well attended! Photos will be posted tomorrow.

After getting rain-soaked on my walk back to my car, I went by my friend’s office to visit her and borrow The Hunger Games. (Jen was supposed to attend the rally with me but was feeling under the weather.) After that, I visited my mom at her job at the hospital and went to get some dinner, brought it to my mom’s house, sent some photos to the paper (unused but that’s OK), fought with Verizon sucking, and fought with all in my RX arsenal but eventually succumbed to a piercing migraine.

As soon as I got home, I took took two codeine and let nature take its course. So here I am: at home, finally eating dinner, little dog curled up with me on the couch, and watching random reruns on TV. My lips feel numb. And it’s only 9 p.m.

Just another wild “Saturday” night.


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