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Endometriosis Month, Day No. 2: Photo double feature


Because I promised to keep the Endometriosis Awareness Month photos coming, I bring you a double feature: the first photos I received on March 1, one from a survivor and one from a supporter.

The Survivor
Kelly was the first to post her picture in the Endo Sucks! group to kick off Endo Month 2012. It’s a great photo of her, contrary to her own comments on it, but I loved her sentiment:

“… Today is one of those days I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep til the pain stops. Ironically, that gave me all the more motivation to get up and go out to make sure I don’t waste another day to this disease.”








Well put, Kelly. Kick endo’s ass!


The Supporter
Kassy of Tinsnips and Scissors not only posted a recipe for pumpkin-pecan-raisin-flax-chocolate chip muffins that sound so good they got me a little hot, but also posted a photo of her awesome endometriosis-honoring nail polish and gave a double shout-out to Endo Sucks!, which is even better when you remember that she and I have stayed friends since the seventh grade and I first started feeling the effects of this ridiculous disorder.












Remember, you have the whole month of March to wear your yellow — just remember the modern adage “pix or it didn’t happen”. Email them to endosucks@gmail.com, post them in the Endo Sucks! group on Facebook, and tweet them to @endosucks.


Be well — do well.


Author: endosucks

Endometriosis sucks. I'm here to help. on.fb.me/endosucks twitter.com/endosucks endosucks.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Endometriosis Month, Day No. 2: Photo double feature

  1. Love your endo support month photos! I officially became a member of the “club” last Tuesday when my lap revealed I have it. Yuck.

    • I’m sorry to hear you’re a member, but the thing to remember is that you’re not alone! My best advice is to be your own researcher and advocate, because every doctor has a different opinion and it can be a confusing thing to handle. The Endo Sucks! group on Facebook is pretty darn active as far as conversation, so I hope you’ll drop in there. And thanks on the photos :) I’ll be posting others as we go along! The link for the FB group is on.fb.me/endosucks. X-Chanel

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