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Endo Month 2012: Productive Day No. 1

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Keeping with tradition, here are the annual portraits for Endo Sucks!:

My portrait:


‘Sup. How do you like the ginger hair?

And me with my boyfriend, Phil:

I’ve received some really awesome photos on Facebook, and I can’t wait to share them with you! You can see them for yourself in the Endo Sucks! group on Facebook, and I will be pacing myself and posting one or two every day. Which is going to be difficult, because they are sooo good. Think “niece and nephew under age four being super sweet in yellow shirts” and “old friend PhotoShopping in a yellow shirt because he doesn’t own one” sort of stuff.

Since it was my day off and the first day of Endometriosis Awareness Month, I made sure I was productive and in theme by starting the day with a gyno exam. Oh the humanity. At least my boyfriend took me to lunch afterward! And since we were in the neighborhood of our job, I went with him to work and foisted a few yellow ribbons on my coworkers and planted the idea of wearing yellow items next week to show support. Called a friend who works downtown out of the blue and met her for baklava and a quick chat, then off to grab some more ribbon and some chicken to have dinner with my mom, who certainly remembers what it was like to have endometriosis. We watched Ghost Adventures, talked about work madness and made a mound of yellow ribbons for us to hand out.

If Gmail and Verizon weren’t being knobs right now, you’d see a photo of a mound of yellow ribbons. Later, I hope.

I also participated in my first Twitter chat by following <a href=www.twitter.com/endochat" @Endochat and #endochat to send and receive many messages from other endo sisters, which was a little befuddling to follow but ultimately very cool. Apparently there will be another EndoChat next Thursday evening, so watch this space for more information or follow me @endosucks.

And to round out the night, I think the boy and I will settle in to catch me up on a few episodes of “Game of Thrones” (definitely needs a trigger warning but I still like it so far) before calling it an early night. More punishment on the lady bits tomorrow: waking up way too early for waxing. Then going rock climbing. Good god y’all.

Don’t forget to send in your yellow-wearing photos to endosucks@gmail.com and post them in the Endo Sucks! group. Maybe you’ll see your pretty mug in this space!


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