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Home with all my organs & not much else


I will post a longer update later, since I’m still sufficiently morphined up at the moment and mad sleepy.

Spent overnight in hospital for observation after the ER doc wasn’t convinced by the CT radiologist’s diagnosis of early appendicitis and nothing showed on a pelvic ultrasound (not that it would anyway unless I had a left ovary cyst). Full of morphine and Zofran, a great surgeon came in and checked me out around noon today and looked at my CT. He was also concerned it’s not appendicitis. So my instructions are to go home, rest, watch the pain, return if it increases or stays the same in the next few days. At this point I may just have to play the waiting game and properly evaluate my pain after my cycle ends. Had a killer migraine since about 4:30 a.m. that brought me *thisclose* to vomiting; likely a combo of not having eaten anything since Thursday and piling pain meds on top of it. Still not hungry but am being encouraged to munch on anything, so I’ll give this mac and cheese my BF made a go. Part of me wants food, the other wants to see how long I can go without eating. Sick, right? But a girl needs to get into skinny jeans. (Not really.) Mac and cheese, here I come!


Author: endosucks

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2 thoughts on “Home with all my organs & not much else

  1. What happened? Was it your appendix?

  2. I haven’t got a clue. They sent me home with a morphine-induced migraine and not much else. The surgeon literally shrugged his shoulders and said it certainly wasn’t appendicitis, or at least not an advanced case, and the good old “come back if it’s worse” deal.

    He did seem to feel that it may already been time for another surgery as it could be new adhesions. After hobbling around for a while, I fear he is correct.

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