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Appendix Friday is a shitty holiday.


I posted this in the Endo Sucks! Facebook group, but allow me to share my tale with you:

Ladies and gents, let my experience today be a lesson to listen to your body.

I started having strong, right-side pelvic pain going strong into my thigh on Wednesday; can’t cross my right leg, stairs are tough, even turning the steering wheel in my car hurts. I already had a doctor’s visit scheduled today, so I brought it up while I was there discussing the shots I’ll need to go to India in September. I felt pretty sure I’d pulled a muscle during kickball, or when I fell on my ass in water at Publix, or even due to period pain since my Day 1 decided to show up earlier than normal and start my weekend off with more fun.

My doctor felt it probably would be adhesions too, but to rule out hernia and appendicitis, they sent me next door for a CT with barium and IV dye contrasts.

SIDE NOTE: I was given four cups of a thick white glop of barium drink to ingest before the CT. It looks like milk. Thick milk. And I HATE MILK. The flavor was supposedly Creamy Vanilla Smoothie — no joke, this apparently comes in a variety of smoothie flavors.

Fruity barium smoothies

Now available at Publix, Rite-Aid, Jewel and Walmart.

However we cannot escape the chalky, only slightly chemical taste of the drink. From what Google tells me, Bracco Imaging makes the contrast. I’m calling you out on this Bracco, because I really do appreciate your valiant effort, and truth be told, you did a pretty good job. But after finishing the third cup, I was burping chalk “smoothie”, a move which almost negated all my hard work by removing itself from my body the same way it came in. A little Madagascar vanilla might help, if you wanna tell the boys down in R and D. Also, that was all they needed to get a perfectly awesome set of photos, so dosing size could be reduced, if you get around to it.


We went back to my original doctor’s room and waiting on my stat results for 15ish minutes. At this point, I haven’t eaten anything but a codeine and some Water Joe (not that I’ve been hungry anyway), I got up too late to shower so all I want to do is wash my hair, and I feel bad that my boyfriend is again toting me all across town for medical trips when we should have been at the pool by now.

And the doctor returns with — early appendicitis! Hooray!

… Wait, I didn’t order this shit.

So I’m going to cut this otherwise comical and enlightening blog short because my pain is increasing pretty rapidly all of a sudden. I was told I had time to go home and get a back, shower and take my tail straight to the ER for a consult. I called my sister Aliye on the 30-minute ride home and read her my CT report. Thanks to the so-called “fatty streaking” apparently visible on my scan, it’s def time for the appendix to nut up or shut up. We got to talking about how it’s better for it to come out early in the inflammation process rather than burst or get bad, since the appendix has a nasty habit of sticking to other items in the gut and being harder to remove when it’s bad. Which led to some jokes about “Spaceballs” and my appendix bursting onto the table.

Alien appendix

Doesn't your appendix wear a top hat and sing a jaunty tune?

So as of now, my mother is a nervous wreck, my boyfriend is snoring on the bed, and I’ve succeeded in putting a pair of terry cloth shorts and a box of tampons in my suitcase. But I did also talk to Endo Sucks! folks on FB, called my boss for a heads-up, and let me team mates know where to bring the beer later tonight. Plus I’m about to tweet like a mofo. Priorities, y’all.

In a few hours I’ll know if I’m coming home with antibiotics or coming home one organ lighter. I’ll post then. If you want something to do in the mean time, it would mean a heck of a lot if you would go vote at Circle of Moms — no registration needed! — and vote for The Feminist Breeder. Run by an ex-Veruca Salt rocker, fellow Illinoisan and awesome activist mom, The Feminist Breeder deserves all our votes. Political Mommentary and her followers have come up with some fun terms for TFB and its readers lately, including commie, feminazi, creepy breeder, and psycho feminist doulas. All of which sit super well with me. (sarcasm helmet is on.) And you can vote every day, and multiple times a day from different IP addresses, so go to the library and get your vote on, vote from your phone, etc.

OK, as Hyperbole and a Half indicated on her seriously superior pain scale, my pain is really not fucking around and actually might be super legit right now. Off I go!


Author: endosucks

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6 thoughts on “Appendix Friday is a shitty holiday.

  1. When did you and Aliye become sisters?!?

    Also, props for channeling Spaceballs during a time of pain.

  2. Gut instinct is usually right (no pun intended!)- definitely listen to your body, and be empowered to speak up!

  3. Whoa! They didn’t take your appendix out during any of the surgeries you had? Sorry you’re having a crappy Friday! Hope you can be treated with some antibiotics and you don’t have to have yet another surgery.


    • Nope; there wasn’t any reason to take it out before, and apparently there isn’t now either!

      • My endo specialist took it out when he was doing my first surgery, just so I wouldn’t ever have a problem with it, as a prophylactic procedure. SO glad I will never have to worry about having it out. All I have to worry about now is my gall bladder.

        So glad you’re feeling better and that they didn’t have to take it out!


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