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Some winning, some questions and an infertility contest

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I recently entered a contest sponsored by Clear Passage Physical Therapy in central Florida. The contest, held wholly on Facebook, awarded physical therapy packages to women with the most votes on a photo of themselves submitted to Clear Passage’s FB page. While I didn’t win (how the No. 1 spot nabbed 700+ votes, I’ll never know), I was in the top 10 and a book is en route to me as I speak. Plus I found a bunch of new people with my same experiences and have a physical therapy center to try! Apparently they offer treatments for everything: endometriosis, infertility, pelvic floor disorders, IC, migraines, chronic pain, and more … you know, all the stuff I have. Though it’s a good 2-hour drive from where I am, I am looking forward to trying it!

This month, Clear Passage is sponsoring another contest for infertility treatments. You can find out more on their website. I am wondering if I should enter? The contest, Share Hope, wants you to tweet your infertility story to try and win a book or 20 hours of free physical therapy for infertility. Apparently people travel from across the country and the world to visit these clinics: there’s on in Gainesville, FL; Irvine, CA; and a clinic will open in Washington D.C. this summer.

So what do you think: Should I enter? Will you be entering? Let me know in the comments section.

Click the banner below for more info from Share Hope, which offers support from experts and authors in women’s health, such as the awesome Dr. Christiane Northrup.


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