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Just had a wholly unusual experience via Facebook. Well, unusual for me, not so unusual for Facebook.

After a lot of back and forth, I deleted a comment off the Endo Sucks! wall that seemed a little like an advertisement, but mostly because it had generated some negative feedback from other members of the group. Rather than just have the thing disappear with no note, I thought I was doing the respectful thing by sending a message to the original poster and each person that responded to the comment letting them know why it was deleted and encouraging them to start a different thread to foster conversation. Responsible, right?

Instead, the original poster messaged me back: “OMG your an idiot. Im giving you the CURE for it. But fine ill go let people know that actually want to be better rather than just have a winge. fuck you!”


My prompt response: “Very mature. Thanks for playing.” Followed by immediately banning this chick from ever contacting me and also reporting her.

I swear, it reminds me of every ridiculous FB group that exists in which somebody finds SOMETHING to piss and moan about and just stirs up trouble and turns people who may be totally calm and normal and competent in real life into multi-posting online ALLCAPS fighters. It’s enough to want to throw your hands up and say “Enough!”

Fortunately this is the first and only negative encounter I’ve had with the group, so I’m happy to keep it alive and let people communicate and learn. But where do you drive the line? Is someone making a post advertising their blog or insisting a particular product is THE CURE and YOU MUST GO SEE YOUR NATUROPATH the same sort of thing that should be deleted?


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Endometriosis sucks. I'm here to help. on.fb.me/endosucks twitter.com/endosucks endosucks.wordpress.com

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