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Procedure today — thoughts?


I’m so ready to smack some doctors. When part of the disease’s behavior is that it returns (as long as we have estrogen production), why do they feel we don’t know our own bodies well enough to know when something is wrong?? This indicates a feeling of superiority on their part and stupidity on my part that I continue to acquiesce. It is infuriating to rely on someone whose only experience to what I’m enduring is book knowledge. Most of my doctors have never had a cramp, for Christ’s sake — why should I be surprised that I have to negotiate with them in order to receive treatment for the pain I’ve had since my last surgery?

I had this issue lately. Did finally see the urogynecologist as my PCOS doctor/surgeon recommended, and he told me my pelvic muscles are just as they should be … so go back to my surgeon — it’s time to treat the endo and newest cysts with surgery. Again. Just like I’d said needed to be done. He did offer up a drug that’s used to treat breast cancer, but they have had so little success it’s really not worth it.

However, due to some very specific pelvic pains, I am having a in-clinic procedure done tomorrow to check my bladder/kidney functions, and to see if endometriosis has started growing through the wall of or inside of my bladder. I’ll post when I know the results.

Has anybody else had this procedure?


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2 thoughts on “Procedure today — thoughts?

  1. I have a feeling I will be doing some negotiating myself in a few short weeks at my annual appointment. I have had endo for 16+ years, severe cervical dysplasia that was treated, and now have a fibroid in my uterus and a cyst on each ovary. I’m 35 and just about ready to try for kids. (Got married late.) Odds are stacked against me, huh?

    I like your blog. I’ll be checking back…

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    To hell with odds. Do as you like. Get multiple opinions. Don’t negotiate; you know your body. And only you know what you can and cannot live with (and without).

    The cysts, they are relatively normal and common; the bigger ones are more an issue but quite easily removed. I do hope you’ll keep me updated with your progress.

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