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Medicine is a service industry.


This is a statement I’ve heard before but was reiterated to me by my cousin Nessa. Standing in her kitchen in sweet home Chicago, I thought I’d get away from some of the stresses of endo sucking, but not as much. On Thursday, I arranged a hurried meeting with my PCOS doc and surgeon (one and the same). He did a pelvic check, ultrasound and chatted with me, with the same result: He won’t do another laparoscopy until I see a urogynecologist. His explanation: Since a) I “only” get up to 6 months of relief with a lap, and b) he can’t push one location that’s the trigger of all my pain, then my generalized pain that goes into my legs and knees and back, makes me sick and the multiple points of pain that caused me to swear at him and pull back when he pushed them leads him to believe it could be a pelvic floor issue. So he wants me to come back once I’ve had that evaluated.

… Wait, what?

If it was a pelvic floor issue, wouldn’t I have other symptoms or issues … namely, endo that doesn’t regrow between surgeries? My coworker with endo is heading to her third lap too, and has done the physical therapy being recommended to me. She shook her head sadly when I told her what happened. “Doesn’t work,” she said simply.

He is really pissing me off. I went in looking for help and received a doctor who changed his tune about my previous surgeon, i.e. “if there was endo there, he got it out.” A 100% reversal of his opinion from a few months ago.

So what to do now? If I push for the lap, I become “that girl.” If I don’t, I continue to be wracked with the uncertainty that causes me to not relax. Ever.

My cousin’s advice: “Medicine is a service industry. You know what you want and what you need,” she said. “If he won’t, find someone who will.”

The end, I suppose.


Author: endosucks

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4 thoughts on “Medicine is a service industry.

  1. I believe there is a great deal of biasand ignorance within the medical community when it comes to women’s health issues outside of obstetrics. Even female gyns seem to dismiss endo as something that can be treated with estrogen therapy or something that is of concern only once a month during a women’s period. How little these doctors know.

    Years after being diagnosed with uterine adenomyosis that was dismissed as insignificant by several doctors, I am now going to see a female urogynecologist because an MRI again found the adenomyosis combined with tricompartmental pelvic floor prolapse that is causing all kinds of problems, not the least of which is urinary frequency and chronic constipation. I have multiple infections that no one seems willing or able to address that may well be related to these women’s health issues so many doctors felt were insignificant. Finding competent medical help shouldn’t be this difficult in the U.S.

    I am now on SSDI and Medicare as a result of my health problems.

    • I agree 100 percent. The male doctors tend to be self-confident dicks and the women tend to be cold; I have one of each right now and they both make me feel like an absolute freak of nature. I can’t get away from it!

      I am sorry to hear about your issues but glad they were eventually found. What did they do for your prolapse? If the urogyne can help with my intestinal distress, fanfreakingtastic. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue what they can do (see my latest entry).

  2. I found a competent femaleurogynecologist at the Univerity of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore 50 miles from where I live. I don’t have pelvic floor prolapse. She found that the MRI report was not quite accurate as my main problem is with my colon — possible rectal intussception or something wrong in my sigmoid colon where it joins the rectum. She is taking my copy of the MRI cd and checking with some radiologists at UMMC to see if they can provide an accurate reading. Keep in mind a seasoned colon surgeon referred me to the urogynecologist!

    I still need to find someone who deals with uterine adenomyosis. I’m now on Medicare through SSDI and can go to any doctor in the U.S. that accepts Medicare.

  3. I’m glad you’re getting answers! Please keep me updated. Always good to know of a decent doctor handling adenomyosis.

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