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Day 31: Tie a yellow ribbon

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three important ribbons

That went fast. Anybody else think that went fast?

Online and in person, Endo Month was pretty darn successful for Endo Sucks! People around the globe made the promise to wear yellow in support of women living with endometriosis, and with the number of people joining the Facebook group (largely invited by their friends), I have serious hopes for the Web site once it it launched. Also, people in Jacksonville have said they’re interested in a support group, so I look forward to getting that rolling.

Today I sent off March with a bright yellow shirt despite the rainy day. Unfortunately, there was a hole in the shirt over my left breast — small enough to escape my notice until it was too late, large enough to attract everyone else’s attention. I thankfully had a black cardigan with me (with a yellow ribbon) so I put that on at work, but had to keep pulling it over my front. I looked like a bumblebee.

As we come into April, we come into another important awareness month for me and too many that I know: sexual assault and sexual violence. I thought I was going to be able to do a benefit this month but with doula training and the time and stress from work and getting through March, I don’t think I can. I will still make my gift to RAINN, and I hope you will too!

The ribbons on this page are important ones for many different groups, but here, they are representatives of endometriosis (yellow), PCOS and rape (teal) and infertility/miscarriage awareness and support (pink and blue). Take them, display them, find your own, or heck, look at the list of colors and representations online. It’s unbelievable! (FYI – May is Celiac month!)

Despite the weirdness and not perfect events of the day, despite the mild pain today and the fear of an impending moon, I am hopeful and happy that maybe I am helping others in this world, and that I have a long life of service ahead.

Thanks again, everybody — Happy April!



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