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Day 30: Estrogen doesn’t help anything

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Finally getting some energy back … thankfully! However, that doesn’t prevent the weird sleep schedule. That’s going to be a beast to get rid of, as 4 a.m. has become the new bedtime. And one of my crazy neighbors has a rooster that crows around that time, which has me totally boggled as well as slightly irritated. He’s become my 4 a.m. alarm.

Talked with Amazing PCOS Doctor (APD) last week about my crazy terrible moon, finally. He seemed rather concerned about how bad it had been but there wasn’t much to do as far as changing the pill cycle because the moon had just ended. The headaches are also bothersome. He’s attempting to counteract that with putting me on low-dose estrogen instead of my placebo pills, since the combination pill I’m on now is actually not doing me any harm. I haven’t realized it til now, but I haven’t been throwing up. Or totally crazy. Or depressed. Hot damn. This might work!

Except, of course, for the heavy, crippling periods and increased migraines.

Which leads to another thought … anybody on Microgestin ever have difficulty sleeping?

This would of course be perfectly timed with having to drive across the state for required doula certification this week. I start the estrogen on Wednesday and have to drive 3 hours after leaving work around 9 on Thursday night. Apparently I have to space out when I take codeine and the estrogen by three hours, but the pharmacy didn’t say why. This should be interesting.


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