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Day 27: Very good … sorta.

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Was feeling better yesterday — not so sleepy, not such pain — but found myself with gunk in my throat and congested. Allergies, you’re a bitch. A bitch with great timing. You should do stand-up.

Some friends and I had intended to go to a concert last night but I never purchased tix and my coworker/buddy said she was going to show up at the door. I called the place; they’d been sold out since Monday. Said buddy also took the day off of work to make sure she could attend said concert (I was going to join in once my pages were done). Well, we should have ordered them in advance! Turned out to be a mixed blessing, with recovering from my cycle and feeling stuffy, plus I needed to spend the time at work, making up hours. Wasn’t such a big deal.

I look at entries from the past week and can’t believe that was me. By and large, I feel pretty good right now. The day may be fairly young, but I think I’m pretty over my moon. *jinx* Just in time for another dance class … how time does fly.

Then again … I think my body’s already telling me I spoke too soon…


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