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Day 19: Had enough yet?

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When dealing with a troubled relationship, women will tend to hang on and believe it can be fixed. It is something they are doing, or something they are not doing, and once they figure it out then their Loving Partner will really fall for them. The Loving Partner however is looking around at other potential Loving Partners while not wanting to lose the one they have, thereby dragging out this cycle of — well, let’s face it, emotional abuse. Heartache hurts for a reason. And this cycle can go on for years until something small yet glaring is discovered — he leaves, he finally admits there’s no love, he brags about conquests on his public blog.

At that point, the woman will have a sudden moment of clarity and her interior voice of sanity will ask clearly from the depths where she’s been hiding: “Have you had enough yet?”

That is a very important question.

I see no reason why that shouldn’t apply to any unhappy situation. Job on the rocks … how long are you going to wait it out? You’re giving a lot but not getting in return … how long can you pretend to be happy with that?

And I see no reason why it shouldn’t apply to endo and hysterectomy. It’s surprising how easily I could make this decision without a partner on my mind, and how easily I am swayed to hold off when a partner is in the picture.

But the real questions are, “What do you want?” and “Have you had enough yet?”

Well, haven’t you?


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Endometriosis sucks. I'm here to help. on.fb.me/endosucks twitter.com/endosucks endosucks.wordpress.com

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