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Day 18: Where should it end?

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I am in a strange mood. I feel very puffy and “full” all over, my breasts are sore and I am having pelvic pain. Sounds like the magic new BC is going to throw me into a cycle sooner rather than later. Ugh.

I was thinking of other ways to describe and advertise Endo Sucks! today. This very blog was mentioned as an example of using social media to benefit business in a seminar I attended yesterday, though I don’t think that will necessarily drive up the traffic. Still, it’s good to know Endo Sucks! was catchy enough to stay in his mind!

But today is one of those days where I’m bouncing back and forth on what my future may hold, reproductively-speaking. My grandmother had endo but also had the benefit of an insanely high threshhold for pain. My mom had endo and a radical hysterectomy when she was 20 years old (I was a newborn at the time). And now I have endo and PCOS. At what point does it stop? Shouldn’t the cycle stop with me, because I know better? Every time I say that, people harass me about it. “Everybody has their shit,” they say. “If nobody had kids because of bad genes, there wouldn’t be people on this earth!”

Am I the only one who doesn’t think that argument is enough to coerce me into bearing children who I might have to look in the face — their tear-stained, panicked face as they’re doubled over in pain they didn’t ask for — and explain that I knew they’d probably have it, but I was hoping for the best?

In good news: Picked up the shirts for Walk for Freedom today! They look great. I’ll post a picture ASAP. My big worry is that I won’t feel up to the walk; my bigger worry is that the people who’ve said they’re coming won’t attend! I always panic, but I think this is going to turn out really well. (I hope.)

Still haven’t heard back from Amazing PCOS Doctor (APD). I can’t tell if my headaches are more frequent because of the birth control or because the weather is shifting into spring/summer rainy time. Either way, it does indeed suck.


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