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Day 16: WTF, doc?


Did a little research late last night on Microgestin. Some of the side effects and contraindications are big “duh” listings, including depression and nausea. (Check and check for my side effects!)

It also lists confusion, slurring of speech, cramping and bleeding among its many, many potential side effects (the first two are new, but I haven’t been a health care worker in a long time). But it dawned on me that hey, there’s a lot of contraindications when it comes to your liver, and I was told to never take iron again back when I was in college (it caused my liver functions to spike and I had to stop taking multivitamins). And hey, jackass me, the pill is called Microgestin Fe. Hmmph.

And then, incredibly, it also lists migraines and endometriosis as probable contraindications to taking this BC. Migraines and endometriosis! Check and check … and check please.

Now, this prescription comes courtesy of my Amazing PCOS Doc, so I gotta trust him on this one. But being my own advocate has to come first. Guess who’s getting a phone call from me first thing in the morning?

It never hurts to ask…


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7 thoughts on “Day 16: WTF, doc?

  1. I’ve heard from a few other endo girls that the pill worked wonderfully for them for their endo… I’ve never used it for mine. Of course,… I also know some it hasn’t worked so well for… but that seems to be the case with any endo treatment. :/

    • I’ve tried pretty much every type of BC at this point — from Micronor to Yasmin to Depo (both Lupron and Provera) to NuvaRing and back, but not this combination of heavy progestin and light estrogen. Up until my recent appointment, I was set to try Mirena, an IUD with progestin built in. Not sure why Amazing PCOS Doc didn’t go with that. Most of my patients and friends have had success with some form of BC, but I’m one of the small group that just doesn’t do well on anything. I will be interested to see what he has to say.

  2. Loestrin was the first BC I got put on for painful periods (I mean crippling to the point of passing out and throwing up) when I was 15.

    Everyone’s different, but I had a problem with nausea and migraines while on them. Depression wasn’t an issue.

    The worst BC pill I ever got put on was Cilest (brand name) – I actually became suicidal while on that, it was terrifying. A few of my friends also were put on it and had the exact same effects – many of us having had no history of depression before.

    Like you, I’ve tried every type of BC pills – I’ve had side effects from all of them to the point my doctors have told me they refuse to prescribe any more to me.

    I’m about to be put on Depo Provera – what was your experience of that (if you don’t mind me asking). A consultant I had a few years ago refused to put me on it, wanted to give me a Mirena. However, I moved cities, and the consultant here want to put me on Depo, but I’m not convinced it’s actually going to stop my periods.

    • Puffiness and headaches have been an issue so far, but I get the feeling it’s also suppressing my appetite. I consider that a win.

      I was on Depo Provera for a year. My patients always loved it (for the most part), and I had looked forward to the possibility of total menstruation cessation, even if it meant a slight weight gain. The joke was on me, though — I lost a good amount of weight (not scary, just wasn’t hungry) but bled the whole damn time, and it got worse each time. The “magic” of Depo Provera is that it is supposed to thin out the lining of your uterus, which accounts for continuously lighter and shorter periods the longer you are on it. I actually called the company because I was bleeding heavily all the time, to the point of having to go to bed, and still having a “cycle” in the middle of it all. The hotline nurse was sincerely upset, because that’s definitely not supposed to happen. They sent me a survey but I don’t think I ever filled it out.

      So if you want my advice, blogger to blogger, Depo Provera is worth a shot. (Get it? Worth a shot?) Its main component is progesterone, like Mirena and Micronor (also known as the ‘mini pill’), so if you don’t do well with estrogen, you might do well on progestin only pills and methods, or POPs. You will just need to add calcium into your diet on Depo Provera. On the flip side, while I had zero side effects while on Micronor, it also wasn’t strong enough to control my cycles, which is why Amazing PCOS Doctor (APD) thinks my current BC might help, since it is mostly progesterone with a small amount of estrogen. But you know that. How long did you stay on it before switching to another method, and why?

      I will say this: If a doctor ever suggests Depo Lupron, do not be fooled into thinking it is your only option or that it is similar to Depo Provera. It is not. It is, in fact, borne of Satan and will make you nuts. Well, maybe that’s a bit much, but it’s close. It acts first as a hyperovulation drug (just what a girl with polycystic ovaries needed) and then puts you into a state of chemically-induced menopause. It was by far the worst medicinal experience of my life.

      Thank you for your question — I look forward to your response!

  3. how long did I stay on Loestrin? I think I had a experience similar to your depo provera one, it didn’t stop my periods, it made them come more often.

    I got given a higher dose, which stopped them, but gave me more migraines.

  4. Maybe a total of about 6-9 months?

  5. Yuck. I just posted a blog for March 20 about my BC helping me to an unhappy “surprise” yesterday; check it out and tell me what you think.

    I wish my uterus would listen to me when I yell at it to cut the shit out rather than rebelling!

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