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Day 13: Questions and answers

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I love the Stats feature on this blog. Except when I see how the numbers of views fall low. I wonder how I get my numbers back up? Hmm.

It also shows me recent searches of my site, which is really neat. Apparently there was a recent search on my blog that asks, “Can endometriosis fuse the colon to the pelvic wall?”  The short answer, from what I know, is “yes.”

As the National Cancer Institute succinctly defines, the pelvic wall is “the muscles and ligaments that line the part of the body between the hips.” Endometriosis is found most commonly on the uterus, fallopian tubes, uterosacral ligaments (the ligaments and nerves supporting the uterus), cul-de-sac and even ovaries, but is also frequently found on the bladder, between and on the colon and on surrounding pelvic muscles. A common and slightly worrisome problem is the fusion of the uterus to the colon, which can cause a lot of pain and problems with normal bowel function, but also the separation of the two can be dangerous, because it is so easy to damage the fragile colon wall, which can lead to sepsis and other very, very serious problems. This is where a fantastic surgeon is needed most of all!

Endometriosis can also bind other pelvic structures together, such as ovaries and fallopians to pelvic muscles or to the uterus, the bladder to the uterus, etc. It therefore makes sense that yes, your colon can be bound to your pelvic wall with scar tissue. The good news is that lasers exist to remove endo and separate these surfaces via laparoscopy. Always feel free to get a second (or third or fourth) opinion.

Much love to you all on Friday the 13th!


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