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Day 12: “Don’t Stop Dancing”

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This song recently came on while my iPod was on shuffle and I heard it with a new meaning. I know it’s a bit religious, but some of the lyrics struck me, particularly this:

“Whatever life brings
I’ve been through everything
And now I’m on my knees again

But I know I must go on
Although I hurt I must be strong
Because inside I know that many feel this way”

Who among us, particularly with endometriosis and/or PCOS, hasn’t felt this way? You’re aching, your hormones are making you a weepy bitchy mess and all you want is a long cuddle with the heating pad, but the kids have to go to soccer, bills have to be paid, dinner has to be made, you have to get to work on time and you don’t have time to lay down and succumb to this nonsense. And nobody talks about how hard it can be. Endometriosis, like so many diseases, is sanitized and separated from the Self. You feel alone because your doctor doesn’t know what it feels like, your friends don’t get it and your partner just looks on helplessly. It can be a very lonely place, life in the endo world. But there’s so many of us. We just have to be there for each other as we get through each day. And we still get to enjoy life and love because we fight harder to do so.

So give yourself the right to feel like shit. Rest. Cry. Ache. Ask for help and what you need. Then get up and get the other things that you need to have a good life. Don’t feel guilty. Ever. And let the crappy people go.

“Don’t Stop Dancing” by Creed


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