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Day 11: No news is … no news

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Went to see my PCOS doctor this morning for an ultrasound and talk. I’ve been having the strangest pain problem for a little over a year that’s become more frequent in recent months. You know the feeling when a foot or arm goes to sleep and you’re just realizing it’s gone numb — it doesn’t really hurt, per se, but it really doesn’t feel great either … like an electrical static? I’ve been getting that feeling in my pelvis. It’s really quite distressing! I feel it come on and I just look at my hips like I’ve never seen them before, going “Uh oh! Uh oh! What do I do? What do I do?!” I walk around gingerly (the vibration of walking can be so painful), but usually end up taking a pain med to numb out the numbness. It’s got the doctors stumped, except that it’s starting back with numbness and shooting pains into my hips and down my legs again. This has happened when I had endometriosis wrapped around the uterosacral ligaments and before I had my hernias repaired. I’ve also started getting the sharp, stabbing pains through the more sensitive areas again, i.e. urethra and labia, but they come and go fairly quickly. Still, it’s a literal jolt and really painful.

Fortunately, my ultrasound shows nothing of real interest (yay!) but the physical exam yielded no one particular area that triggered the pain — just painful areas, which he admitted is frustrating because we can’t pinpoint the problem.

So in the end, his diagnosis was … pain. Wow.

At least he’s competent. He told me it could be more endo or another hernia and I need to consider if I’m willing to do another surgery (I am, but I don’t have time right now). As a result, I’m trying a new birth control — shock and amazement, I know! Lo-Estrin is predominantly progestin with a little estrogen thrown in, so hopefully I’ll get the benefits of controlling my cycle chemically (which I hate but what else can I do) with the ability to tolerate it and not get nauseated/crazy/depressed/crampy/puffy. I do really well with progestin-only pills but they haven’t been strong enough to regulate me in the past, and we all know what happens when I get a little extra estrogen. :P Even though I’m now in the middle of my cycle post-moon, I started the pack right away to get used to it. He did warn me my first moon will be  really bad, then start to get better. Awesome.

Stay tuned.


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