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Day 8: Writing without sleep


I just got home from work and have the workings of a classic (genuine) migraine, so this will be brief. Before you ask: Nope, it’s not from partying too hard or drinking — I only had two last night. It’s likely from not enough sleep — thanks for nothing, “spring forward”.

There’s lots of topics that come to mind but I know I’ll be up until 6 a.m. again if I get going now. (It’s a real possibility anyway.) Writing is so cathartic, especially for me, that I really appreciate everyone who says that they like my writing. I really like the idea of someone out there on the internets reading about my experiences and feeling a bit better about their own experiences because they can relate. If they didn’t, support networks wouldn’t exist in the first place. Last year, at the height of my stress during Clomid, I realized I hadn’t done any free writing in months. I bought a journal and have dedicated it to be just my journal for endo/PCOS issues. It was hard to get back into it at first — journaling for yourself and not for the internet audience tends to bring up memories of when your parents find your diary and want to talk about your feelings in the entries — but every time I wrote, I felt better at the end, even if I was still angry or concerned. It helps clarify what you’re really feeling; if you have a general depression, it can just hang on you, but if you are forced to put real words to it, you can figure out the root of the problem and work yourself out of it. I definitely recommend it.

I’m not going to say “Thanks for reading” or anything like that, because that sounds like a cheesy, disinterested form statement. Seeing that when I reply to friends on their personal blogs is irritating. I’m not your groupie, kid, and “Thanks for reading” sounds like the sort of thing a self-published romance writer would scribble on the cover of her latest novella featuring heaving bosoms and a farmhand with a heart of gold. What I will say is that hopefully this blog is doing more than just taking up space in the digital world and will eventually have involvement from other people going through the same things.


Author: endosucks

Endometriosis sucks. I'm here to help. on.fb.me/endosucks twitter.com/endosucks endosucks.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Day 8: Writing without sleep

  1. A good writer you are! if you need helpful tips for your migraine check this site, http://healthyhead.wordpress.com.

    • Thanks for the info — Axert and belladonna are my migraine saviors! I hope you’ll link back to my blog, as migraines will make more than one appearance here.

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