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Day 7: 99 yellow balloons?

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What a thoroughly grand way to end my weekend. I will be a little disappointed to go back to work on Sunday.

Saturday night was the second annual Totally 80s Party, hosted by a local group that works to benefit a charity similar to Make a Wish. Last year was such a blast, but had an overall prom theme, which made dressing for the event a little more challenging. This year they encouraged any and all 80s dress, and I had an awesome time getting a little out of my usual style and dressing to show off my sass.

And of course, I managed to get my daily yellow in the scene too, by way of jelly bracelets and a very obvious lemon-colored bra. Bless you, 1980s. (Photos after the cut in this posting.)

This is after not thinking I was going to make it to the night after such sharp pelvic pains this morning. My moon is through, but the random pains haven’t gotten the hint.  The best way I can describe it is like when you wring out a towel by twisting it, but with whatever takes residence in the left hollow of my pelvis. I made it priority to take care of myself this morning until I felt a little better — woke up slowly, dressed slowly, and when the pain hit, laid down for a few minutes and checked my blog stats and such. No pushing it, and my body repaid me by cooperating with kindness. Went to the gym and even tanned (don’t judge me, I had a coupon for a free session), cleaned my bathroom, did the dishes (mostly) and bought the boots I’ve coveted since middle school to complete my very punk 80s outfit. I think 14 years is a more than adequate waiting period to figure out if you really want something, so I finally purchased some sweet sweet Dr. Martens 14-eye black leather boots. So incredibly comfortable. Bliss.

I’m aiming to get an hour in at the gym tomorrow (well, today — Sunday), but considering it’s already 6 a.m. with Daylight Saving Time on top of it … well, we’ll see is all. Thanks for nothing, spring forward!

Because punk rockers get endometriosis too:

Totally 80s & endo, 2009

Totally 80s & endo, 2009

At dinner -- the yellow is more apparent here

At dinner -- the yellow is more apparent here

The obligatory self-portrait, after the party

The obligatory self-portrait after the party


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