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Day 6: A good tired

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Today was my first day off this week and, after a full week of going to bed at 5 a.m. and getting up between 9:30 a.m. and noon, I was set to be tired and useless … except I had stuff to do. That’s just how it goes.

I did, however, act on impulse and registered for belly dancing classes at a local university. I’m in training to be a doula, and a close friend of mine who is also my patient said this morning that she signed up for the class on a whim and to strengthen her core muscles as much as she can before she’s too far along. I had registered online by 2 p.m., and at 6 p.m. we were the first people to arrive for the class — even before the instructor! I have some belly dancing experience from college days and haflas in St. Pete, but aside from some workout DVDs, haven’t done it in a while. Seems like it would be nothing, but the hip drops alone stretch you and warm you up — you are getting a real workout even before you get into the routine part of the class! At first, I felt some pain in my legs and hips despite doing some decent warm-up on my own before class, but it passed so quickly that I can recognize the improvement in my body strength just from the last few weeks of high-impact dance. Still, I am grateful that the room in which the class was held was sans mirrors, as I am sure my fumbling remembrances of a basic shimmy is not something I wanted to see.

My friend and I did have fun with the prop of the week — veils — and took some silly photos with her yellow veil after class. I wore a yellow hip scarf (sans bells — you can’t have everything) and my friend wore a long, daffodil-colored skirt for me, so we both took our endo support to class today. People asked about it (and why on earth we were taking photos), and when I explained, people offered to wear yellow at the next class so we would all be dancing for our health and supporting endo awareness at the same time. What good people! I also have found a kindred spirit in my instructor, who does a lot of work with the city’s women’s resource center and the university’s women’s center, and is a Super Advocate like me. She’s going to help with endo month, plus the anti-trafficking walk on the 22, and possibly my fundraiser concert for the rape response team next month. The universe is bringing me all sorts of good things this week, despite a higher-than-normal amount of pain: two refunds from the hospital, new friends, lots of ambition and a lot of coworker support.

The physical benefit from today: I could really feel a heat through my body, particularly my hips and pelvis, after class today. Perhaps it’s because so much of the dance is about separating your lower half to work independently from your chest and arms, or all the hip pops and shakes and undulations, but the heat radiating out from my own body was a welcome sensation. I will definitely be keeping this up! Plus, it delayed my need for pain meds for a few hours after class, which was amazing, and I came home with a good tired rather than my usual “dragging ass” brand of exhaustion. I’m looking forward to the dance aspect of Saturday night — I’m going to a second annual 80s-themed dance for charity and will be rocking a more punk look than I did at the inaugural event last year. This means flats or boots rather than patent leather pumps like last year, which is bound to be more conducive to some bitchin’ dance moves.

As for endo support photos, I’ll update with tonight’s pictures and a few others from the week on the Facebook page and here as well. Connections are everywhere!


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One thought on “Day 6: A good tired

  1. I love reading your blogs, Chanel. I didn’t know about the bellydancing class. Damn, we need to catch up!

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